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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Phoenix Knoebels 4.8052 8
2. El Toro Six Flags Great Adventure 4.9149 1
3. Voyage Holiday World 4.8077 7
4. Apollos Chariot Busch Gardens Williamsburg 4.7143 15
5. Bizzaro Six Flags New England 4.8110 6
6. Phantoms Revenge Kennywood 4.4545 55
7. Ravine Flyer II Waldameer Park 4.7500 -
8. Goliath Six Flags Over Georgia 4.6667 -
9. Shivering Timbers Michigans Adventure 4.7551 13
10. Tower of Terror Disney-MGM Studios 4.6476 22

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Islands of Adventure Adventures of Spiderman User ReviewedBilge-Rat Barges User ReviewedCaro-Suess-el User ReviewedDoctor Dooms Fearfall User ReviewedFlight of the Hippogriff User ReviewedIncredible Hulk Coaster User ReviewedJurrasic Park River Adventure User ReviewedOne fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish User ReviewedPoseidons Fury User ReviewedRipsaw Falls User ReviewedStorm Force Acceletron User ReviewedThe Cat In the Hat User ReviewedThe High In The Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride User ReviewedTriceratops Encounter User ReviewedTriwizard Tournament - Chinese Fireball (Red) User ReviewedTriwizard Tournament - Hungarian Horntail (Blue) User Reviewed
Keansburg Amusement Park Wildcat
Kennywood Aero 360 User ReviewedBayern Kurve User ReviewedExterminator, The User ReviewedFlying Carpet User ReviewedGold Rusher, The User ReviewedJack Rabbit User ReviewedLog Jammer User ReviewedNoahs Ark User ReviewedOld Mill, The User ReviewedOlde Kennywood Railroad User ReviewedParatrooper User ReviewedPhantoms Revenge User Ranked #6 User ReviewedPippen/Thunderbolt User ReviewedPitt Fall User ReviewedRacer, The User ReviewedTurtle User Reviewed
Kings Dominion AnacondaAvalanche User ReviewedBacklot Stunt CoasterBlue Ridge Tollway User ReviewedDrop TowerFlight of FearFlying Eagles User ReviewedGrizzlyHurler User ReviewedHypersonic XLCNickelodeon Space Surfer User ReviewedRebel Yell User ReviewedRicochet User ReviewedScooby Doo and the Haunted Mansion User ReviewedScooby-Doos Ghoster Coaster User ReviewedScrambler User ReviewedShockwave User ReviewedSponge Bob Squarepants 3-D User ReviewedTaxi JamThe Crypt User ReviewedVolcano, The Blast Coaster User ReviewedWhite Water Canyon
Kings Island Adventure Express User ReviewedBeastie, The User ReviewedCongo Falls User ReviewedDelirium User ReviewedDodgem User ReviewedDrop Zone User ReviewedEiffel Tower User ReviewedFace/Off User ReviewedFlight of Fear User ReviewedFlying Eagles User ReviewedGrand Carousel User ReviewedItalian Job: Stunt Track User ReviewedKentons Cove Kellboat CanalKing CobraKings Island and Miami Valley Railroad User ReviewedMonster User ReviewedRugrats Runaway Reptar User ReviewedScooby Doo and the Haunted Castle User ReviewedShake, Rattle & Roll User ReviewedSon of Beast User ReviewedSponge Bob 3-D User ReviewedSrambler User ReviewedThe Beast User ReviewedThe Racer User ReviewedTomb Raider: The Ride User ReviewedTop Gun User ReviewedViking Fury User ReviewedVortex User ReviewedWhitewater Canyon User ReviewedZephyr User Reviewed
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Lake Compounce American Flyers User ReviewedBoulder Dash User ReviewedC.P. Huntington Train User ReviewedCarousel User ReviewedCompounce Mountain Sky Ride User ReviewedDown Time User ReviewedGhost Hunt User ReviewedGiant Wheel User ReviewedPirate User ReviewedTrolley User ReviewedWildcat User ReviewedZoomerang User Reviewed
Lakemont Park Leap-The-Dips User ReviewedPaddleboats User ReviewedSkyliner User ReviewedTin Lizzy User ReviewedTrain User ReviewedTwister User Reviewed
Magic Kingdom Astro Orbitor User ReviewedBig Thunder Mountain User ReviewedBuzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin User ReviewedCarousel of Progress User ReviewedCountry Bear Jamboree User ReviewedDumbo the Flying Elephant User ReviewedEnchanted Tiki Room User ReviewedExterrorestrial Alien Encounter User ReviewedGoofys Barnstormer User ReviewedHall of Presidents, The User ReviewedHaunted Mansion, The User ReviewedIts A Small World User ReviewedJungle Cruise User ReviewedLegend of the Lion King User ReviewedLiberty Belle Riverboat User ReviewedMad Tea Party User ReviewedMickeys PhilharMagic User ReviewedMike Fink Keel Boats User ReviewedPeter Pans Flight User ReviewedPirates of the Caribbean User ReviewedPrince Charming's Regal Carrousel User ReviewedSnow Whites Scary Adventures User ReviewedSpace Mountain User ReviewedSplash Mountain User ReviewedStitchs Great Escape User ReviewedSwiss Family Treehouse User ReviewedTime Keeper, The User ReviewedTommorow Land Speedway User ReviewedTommorow Land Transit Authority User ReviewedWalt Disney World Railroad User ReviewedWhinnie the Poos Many Adv User Reviewed
Martins Fantasy Island Antique Cars User ReviewedCrazy Mouse User ReviewedGondola User ReviewedNitro User ReviewedOld Mill Scream User ReviewedOrient ExpressSea Ray User ReviewedSilver Comet User ReviewedThe Big Slide User ReviewedTilt-A-Whirl User Reviewed
Michigans Adventure Adventure Falls User ReviewedBe-Bop Blvd User ReviewedBig Dipper User ReviewedCarousel User ReviewedCorkscrew User ReviewedDodgem User ReviewedFalling Star User ReviewedFlying Trapeze User ReviewedGiant Gondola Wheel User ReviewedGrand Rapids User ReviewedHydroblaster User ReviewedLoggers Run User ReviewedMad Mouse User ReviewedScrambler User ReviewedSea Dragon User ReviewedShivering Timbers User Ranked #9 User ReviewedThunderbolt User ReviewedTilt-A-Whirl User ReviewedTimbertown Railway User ReviewedTrabant User ReviewedWolverine Wildcat User ReviewedZachs Zoomer User Reviewed
Mount Olympus Theme Park Cyclops Roller Coaster, The User ReviewedDiskO User ReviewedHades User ReviewedPegasus Roller Coaster, The User ReviewedZeus Roller Coaster, The User Reviewed
Nickelodeon Universe Back at the Barnyard Hayride User ReviewedFairly Odd Coaster User ReviewedGhost Blasters User ReviewedKite Eating Tree User ReviewedMighty Axe User ReviewedMystery Mine Ride User ReviewedPepsi Orange Streak User ReviewedScreaming Yellow Eagle User ReviewedSkyscraper Ferris Wheel User ReviewedTreetop Tumbler User ReviewedXcel Energy Log Chute User Reviewed
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Sea-World Florida Clyde and Seamore ShowJourney to AtlantisKrakenPenquin EncounterShamu AdventureShamu ExpressSky TowerTerrors of the DeepWild Arctic
Silverwood Theme Park CorkscrewOld West Steam TrainTimber TerrorTremors
Six Flags America BatwingGreat ChaseJokers Jinx, TheMind Eraser, TheRoarSuperman Ride of SteelWild One, The
Six Flags Great Adventure Batman and Robin: The ChillerBatman The Ride User ReviewedBig WheelBizarro User ReviewedBlackbeards Lost Treasure Train User ReviewedEl Toro User Ranked #2Great American Scream Machine User ReviewedNitro User ReviewedRolling Thunder User ReviewedRunaway Mine Train User ReviewedSaw Mill Log Flume User ReviewedSkull Mountain User ReviewedSuperman: Ultimate FlightViper User Reviewed
Six Flags Great America American Eagle, The User ReviewedBatman The Ride User ReviewedBig Easy Balloons User ReviewedChubasco User ReviewedColumbia Carousel User ReviewedCondor User ReviewedDéjà Vu User ReviewedDemon User ReviewedEast River Crawler User ReviewedEscape from Dino Island 3DFiddlers Fling User ReviewedGiant Drop User ReviewedGreat America Raceway User ReviewedHometown Fun Machine User ReviewedIce Mountain Splash User ReviewedIron Wolf User ReviewedJesters Wild Ride User ReviewedKing Chaos User ReviewedLoggers Run User ReviewedOrbit User ReviewedRagin Cajun User ReviewedRaging Bull User ReviewedRevolution User ReviewedRicochet User ReviewedRiver Rocker User ReviewedRoaring Rapids User ReviewedRue Le Dodge User ReviewedScenic Railway User ReviewedShockwaveSky Trek Tower User ReviewedSpace Shuttle America User ReviewedSpacelys Sprocket Rockets User ReviewedSplashwater Falls User ReviewedSuperman: Ultimate Flight User ReviewedTrailblazer User ReviewedTriple Play User ReviewedV2: Vertical Velocity User ReviewedViper User ReviewedWhirligig User ReviewedWhizzer User Reviewed
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Six Flags Over Georgia Batman The Ride User ReviewedDahlonega Mine Train User ReviewedDeer Park Plunge User ReviewedGeorgia Cyclone, The User ReviewedGeorgia Scorcher, The User ReviewedGoliath User Ranked #8Great American Scream Machine, The User ReviewedGreat Gasp User ReviewedHanson Cars User ReviewedMind Bender, The User ReviewedMonster Plantation User ReviewedNinja, The User ReviewedSix Flags RailroadSuperman: Ultimate Flight User ReviewedWile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster
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