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General Info

Theme Park Critic is an independently run website owned by Mark Hansen. The physical server is located in sunny Tampa, FL a mere hours drive from Walt Disney World, Islands of Adventure, and Sea World, and roughly 10 minutes from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.


The goal of the Theme Park Critic is to allow people from all over the world to exchange ideas and thoughts of themepark rides located all over the world. The site is different in that all reviews in the site are provided by it's users and provides for a great amount of interactivity.

Site Statistics

Current Statistics
Total Parks Listed in Guide: 182
Total Rides Listed in Guide: 2933
Total Reviews Posted in Guide: 43633
Total Forums Messages Posted: 65594
Total Validated Users: 7937

Server Information

Web Server
Windows 2003 Server
Intel Pentium 1.8 GHz
768 Megs of RAM
Database Server
Windows 2000 Server
AMD XP 1800+
512 Megs of RAM
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (old school)


The site is hosted from my residence using Road Runner Business Class. The site shares the line with several other sites I've developed over the years, and hopefully one day will be moved to offsite host. Florida is hurricane country, so I'd really like to get my stuff moved someplace more, umm... with power backup.
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