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Adventure Park USA Wildcat
Beech Bend Dragon Coaster User ReviewedHaunted House User ReviewedKentucky Rumbler User ReviewedLooping Star User ReviewedShock Drop User ReviewedTilt-A-Whirl User ReviewedWild Mouse User Reviewed
Busch Gardens Tampa Akbars Adventure Tours User ReviewedCongo River Rapids User ReviewedGwazi Lion User ReviewedGwazi Tiger User ReviewedKumba User ReviewedMontu User ReviewedPython User ReviewedSandstorm User ReviewedScorpion User ReviewedSerengeti Express Railway User ReviewedStanley Falls User ReviewedTanganyika Tidal Wave User Reviewed
Busch Gardens Williamsburg Alpengeist User ReviewedApollos Chariot User ReviewedBig Bad Wolf User ReviewedCorkscrew Hill User ReviewedEscape From Pompeii User ReviewedLe Mans RacewayLe ScootLoch Ness Monster User ReviewedSky RideThe Train User Reviewed
Camden Park Big Dipper User ReviewedHaunted House User Reviewed
Canobie Lake Park Corkscrew Coaster User ReviewedMine of Lost Souls User ReviewedPolicy Pond Log Flume User ReviewedRockn Rider User ReviewedYankee Cannonball, The User Reviewed
Carowinds Borg Assimilator User ReviewedCarolina Cyclone User ReviewedCarolina Goldrusher User ReviewedFairly Odd Coaster User ReviewedFlying Super Saturator User ReviewedHurler User ReviewedRicochet User ReviewedThunder Road User ReviewedTop Gun: The Jet Coaster User ReviewedWild Thornberrys River Adventure User Reviewed
Cedar Point Blue Streak User ReviewedCedar Creek Mine Ride User ReviewedCorkscrew User ReviewedDisaster Transport User ReviewedGemini User ReviewedIron Dragon User ReviewedMagnum XL-200 User ReviewedMantis User ReviewedMean Streak User ReviewedMillennium Force User ReviewedRaptor User ReviewedWoodstock Express User Reviewed
Clementon Amusement Park Giant Ferris Wheel User ReviewedHellcat (Tsunami/J2) User ReviewedInverter User ReviewedJack Rabbit User ReviewedKing Neptunes Revenge User ReviewedSea Dragon User ReviewedThunderbolt User Reviewed
Conneaut Lake Park Blue Streak, The User ReviewedDevils Den User ReviewedFlying Scooters User ReviewedParatrooper User ReviewedRollo-Plane User ReviewedTumble Bug User ReviewedUltimate Trip User Reviewed
Darien Lake Boomerang User ReviewedGiant Wheel User ReviewedMind Eraser, The User ReviewedPredator, The User ReviewedRaging Seas User ReviewedRanger User ReviewedRide of Steel User ReviewedViper User Reviewed
Delgrossos Amusement Park Casino User ReviewedCrazy Mouse User ReviewedDodgem User ReviewedFlying Bobs User ReviewedFreefallParatrooper User ReviewedScramblerSea Dragon User ReviewedSpace Odyssey User ReviewedSuper Round Up User ReviewedTipton Creek RailroadWacky WormZyklon User Reviewed
Dollywood Blazing Fury User ReviewedDaredevil Falls User ReviewedDollywood Express User ReviewedSmokey Mountain Wilderness Tours User ReviewedTennessee Tornado User ReviewedThunderhead User Reviewed
Dorney Park Dominator User ReviewedDragon Coaster User ReviewedHercules User ReviewedHydra the Revenge User ReviewedLaser User ReviewedMonster User ReviewedSteel Force User ReviewedTalon User ReviewedThunder Creek Mountain User ReviewedThunderhawk User ReviewedWhip User ReviewedWild Mouse User ReviewedZephyr
Dutch Wonderland Dragons Lair User ReviewedGondola Cruise User ReviewedJoust Family Roller Coaster User ReviewedLady Gay River BoatLog Flume User ReviewedMerry-Go-Round User ReviewedRipcord User ReviewedSky Princess User ReviewedSky RideTurnpikeWonder HouseWonderland Special User Reviewed
Family Kingdom Log Flume User ReviewedSwamp Fox User Reviewed
Funtown Splashtown U.S.A. Dragons Descent User ReviewedExcalibur Roller Coaster User ReviewedGalaxi Roller Coaster User ReviewedThunder Falls Log Flume Ride User Reviewed
Geauga Lake Americana User ReviewedBeaver Land Mine Ride User ReviewedBig Dipper User ReviewedDominator User ReviewedDouble Loop User ReviewedHead Spin User ReviewedMerry Oldies User ReviewedMr. Hydes Nasty Fall User ReviewedPepsi Plunge User ReviewedRaging Wolf Bobs User ReviewedSteel Venom User ReviewedThunderhawk User ReviewedVillain, The User ReviewedX-Flight User Reviewed
Gillians Wonderland Pier City Jet User Reviewed
Hersheypark Canyon River Rapids User ReviewedCapital BlueCross MonorailCarousel User ReviewedChaos User ReviewedCoal Cracker User ReviewedComet User ReviewedConestoga User ReviewedCyclops User ReviewedDry Gulch Railroad User ReviewedFahrenheit User ReviewedFender Bender User ReviewedFerris Wheel User ReviewedFlying Falcon User ReviewedFrontier Flyers User ReviewedGiant Wheel User ReviewedGreat Bear User ReviewedHersheys Chocolate World User ReviewedKissing Tower User ReviewedLightning Racer User ReviewedMerry Derry Dip Fun SlidesMusic Express User ReviewedPirate User ReviewedReeses Xtreme Cup Challenge User ReviewedRodeoRoller Soaker User ReviewedScramblerSidewinder User ReviewedSkyview User ReviewedSooperdooperlooper User ReviewedStarship America User ReviewedStorm Runner User ReviewedTidal Force User ReviewedTilt-A-Whirl User ReviewedTrailblazer User ReviewedTurnpike - Sunoco Classic Cars User ReviewedTurnpike - Sunoco Speedway User ReviewedWave Swinger User ReviewedWhip User ReviewedWild Cat User ReviewedWild Mouse User ReviewedZooAmerica
Holiday World Frightful Falls User ReviewedGobbler Getaway User ReviewedLegend User ReviewedLewis & Clark Trail User ReviewedRaven User ReviewedVoyage User Reviewed
Idlewild and Soakzone Caterpillar User ReviewedRollo Coaster User ReviewedTrinado User ReviewedWild Mouse User Reviewed
Indiana Beach Antique Autos User ReviewedCornball Express, The User ReviewedDen of Lost Thieves User ReviewedGalaxie User ReviewedGiant Gondola Wheel User ReviewedHoosier Hurricane User ReviewedLost Coaster of Superstition Mountain User ReviewedRockys Rapids Log Flume User ReviewedTigrr User ReviewedWabash Cannonball User Reviewed
Islands of Adventure Adventures of Spiderman User ReviewedCaro-Suess-el User ReviewedDoctor Dooms Fearfall User ReviewedFlight of the Hippogriff User ReviewedIncredible Hulk Coaster User ReviewedJurrasic Park River Adventure User ReviewedPoseidons Fury User ReviewedRipsaw Falls User ReviewedStorm Force Acceletron User ReviewedThe Cat In the Hat User ReviewedTriwizard Tournament - Chinese Fireball (Red) User ReviewedTriwizard Tournament - Hungarian Horntail (Blue) User Reviewed
Jolly Roger Amusement Park Wild Mouse User Reviewed
Kennywood Aero 360 User ReviewedAuto Race User ReviewedExterminator, The User ReviewedGold Rusher, The User ReviewedJack Rabbit User ReviewedLog Jammer User ReviewedMerry-Go-Round User ReviewedNoahs Ark User ReviewedOld Mill, The User ReviewedPhantoms Revenge User ReviewedPippen/Thunderbolt User ReviewedPitt Fall User ReviewedPittsburg Plunge User ReviewedRacer, The User ReviewedRaging Rapids User ReviewedSteel Phantom User ReviewedSwing Around User Reviewed
Kings Dominion Anaconda User ReviewedAvalanche User ReviewedBacklot Stunt Coaster User ReviewedBerserker User ReviewedCarousel User ReviewedDominator User ReviewedDrop Tower User ReviewedEiffel Tower User ReviewedFlight of Fear User ReviewedFlying Eagles User ReviewedGrizzly User ReviewedHurler User ReviewedHypersonic XLC User ReviewedIntimidator 305 User ReviewedRebel Yell User ReviewedRicochet User ReviewedScooby Doo and the Haunted Mansion User ReviewedScooby-Doos Ghoster Coaster User ReviewedShockwave User ReviewedTaxi Jam User ReviewedThe Crypt User ReviewedTriple Spin User ReviewedVolcano, The Blast Coaster User ReviewedWhite Water Canyon User Reviewed
Kings Island Adventure Express User ReviewedBeastie, The User ReviewedDelirium User ReviewedEiffel Tower User ReviewedFace/Off User ReviewedFlight of Fear User ReviewedItalian Job: Stunt Track User ReviewedRugrats Runaway Reptar User ReviewedScooby Doo and the Haunted Castle User ReviewedSon of Beast User ReviewedThe Beast User ReviewedThe Racer User ReviewedTomb Raider: The Ride User ReviewedTop Gun User ReviewedVortex User Reviewed
Knoebels 1001 Nachts User ReviewedAntique Cars User ReviewedBlack DiamondCosomotronDowndraft User ReviewedFandango User ReviewedFlume User ReviewedFlyer User ReviewedGalleon User ReviewedGiant Wheel User ReviewedGrand Carousel User ReviewedHaunted Mansion User ReviewedHigh Speed Thrill Coaster User ReviewedKozmo's Kurves User ReviewedLooperMerry Mixer User ReviewedMerry-go-round #2 User ReviewedOl Smokey User ReviewedParadropParatrooper User ReviewedPhoenix User ReviewedPioneer Train User ReviewedPower SurgeRockin Tug User ReviewedRoto-JetsSatellite User ReviewedScenic Skyway User ReviewedSkooters User ReviewedSky Slide User ReviewedSuper Roundup User ReviewedTea CupsTilt-a-Whirl User ReviewedTwister User ReviewedWhipper User ReviewedWhirlwind User ReviewedWipeout
Lake Compounce American Flyers User ReviewedBoulder Dash User ReviewedCompounce Mountain Sky Ride User ReviewedGhost Hunt User ReviewedRev-O-Lution User ReviewedSaw Mill Plunge User ReviewedThunder N Lightning User ReviewedTrolley User ReviewedWildcat User ReviewedZoomerang User Reviewed
Lakemont Park Bumper CarsLeap-The-Dips User ReviewedMad Mouse, The User ReviewedMonster User ReviewedOctopus User ReviewedRound Up User ReviewedSkyliner User ReviewedTilt-A-Whirl User ReviewedTin Lizzy User ReviewedToboggan User ReviewedTwister User Reviewed
Marine Land Dragon Mountain User ReviewedMagic User Reviewed
Martins Fantasy Island Antique Cars User ReviewedCrazy Mouse User ReviewedFulltilt User ReviewedGondola User ReviewedNitro User ReviewedOld Mill Scream User ReviewedSilver Comet User ReviewedWildcat User Reviewed
Michigans Adventure Big Dipper User ReviewedCorkscrew User ReviewedLoggers Run User ReviewedMad Mouse User ReviewedShivering Timbers User ReviewedWolverine Wildcat User ReviewedZachs Zoomer User Reviewed
Miracle Strip Amusement Park Abominable Snowman User ReviewedDantes Inferno User ReviewedHaunted Castle User ReviewedLog Flume User ReviewedStarliner User Reviewed
Moreys Piers Break Dance User ReviewedCondor User ReviewedDantes Dungeon User ReviewedDoo Wopper User ReviewedFlitzer User ReviewedGiant Wheel User ReviewedGreat NorEaster, The User ReviewedGreat White, The User ReviewedJersey Junkyard User ReviewedMaelstrom User ReviewedMoby Dick User ReviewedRC-48 Coaster User ReviewedRollies Coaster User ReviewedSea Serpent User ReviewedSky Cycles User ReviewedSky Ship User ReviewedZoom Phloom User Reviewed
Myrtle Beach Grand Prix Crazy Mouse User Reviewed
Myrtle Beach Pavilion Calypso User ReviewedHaunted Hotel User ReviewedHurricane User ReviewedLittle Eagle User ReviewedLog Flume User ReviewedPirate User Reviewed
Ocean City Pier Rides Haunted House Ride User ReviewedLooping Star User Reviewed
Old Town Windstorm User Reviewed
Palace Playland Crazy Dance User ReviewedGalaxi Roller Coaster User ReviewedLog Flume User ReviewedSuper Star User Reviewed
Playland Amusement Park Big Wheel User ReviewedCarousel User ReviewedCrazy Mouse Coaster User ReviewedDerby Racer User ReviewedDouble Shot User ReviewedDragon Coaster User ReviewedFlying Witch User ReviewedHurricane Coaster User ReviewedLog Flume User ReviewedSuperFlight User ReviewedWhip User ReviewedYe Old Mill User ReviewedZombie Castle User Reviewed
Playlands Castaway Cove Crazy Mouse User ReviewedFlitzer User ReviewedPython User Reviewed
Quassy Amusement Park Monster Roller Coaster User ReviewedMusic Fest User ReviewedParatrooper User ReviewedTilt-A-Whirl User ReviewedTrabant User ReviewedWooden Warrior User Reviewed
Seabreeze Amusement Park Bobsleds User ReviewedFlying Scooters User ReviewedJack Rabbit User ReviewedQuantum Loop User Reviewed
Sea-World Florida Journey to Atlantis User ReviewedKraken User ReviewedPenquin Encounter User ReviewedWild Arctic User Reviewed
Six Flags America Batwing User ReviewedJokers Jinx, The User ReviewedMind Eraser, The User ReviewedRoar User ReviewedSuperman Ride of Steel User ReviewedTwo-Face The Flip Side User ReviewedWild One, The User Reviewed
Six Flags Great Adventure Batman and Robin: The Chiller User ReviewedBatman The Ride User ReviewedBizarro User ReviewedBlackbeards Lost Treasure Train User ReviewedEl Toro User ReviewedGreat American Scream Machine User ReviewedKingda Ka User ReviewedNitro User ReviewedPoland Springs PlungeRolling Thunder User ReviewedRunaway Mine Train User ReviewedSaw Mill Log Flume User ReviewedSkull Mountain User ReviewedSky Ride User ReviewedStuntmans Freefall User ReviewedSuperman: Ultimate Flight User Reviewed
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Chang User ReviewedGreezed Lightnin User ReviewedRoad Runner Express User ReviewedRoller Skater User ReviewedT2 User ReviewedThunder Run User ReviewedTwisted Twins User Reviewed
Six Flags New England Batman The Dark Knight User ReviewedBizzaro User ReviewedCatwomans Whip User ReviewedCyclone User ReviewedFlashback User ReviewedMind Eraser, The User ReviewedNew England Skyway User ReviewedPandemonium User ReviewedRoute 66 User ReviewedThunderbolt User Reviewed
Six Flags St. Louis Batman The Ride User ReviewedBoss User ReviewedNinja User ReviewedRiver King Mine Train User ReviewedScreamin Eagle User Reviewed
The Great Escape Boomerang User ReviewedCanyon Blaster User ReviewedNightmare At Crack Axle Canyon User ReviewedSteamin Demon User ReviewedThe Comet User Reviewed
Trimpers Rides & Amusements Haunted House User ReviewedMirror MazePirates Cove Funhouse User ReviewedTidal Wave User ReviewedTobaggan User Reviewed
Waldameer Park Ali Baba User ReviewedComet User ReviewedGiant Gondola Wheel User ReviewedPirates Cove User ReviewedRavine Flyer #3 User ReviewedRavine Flyer II User ReviewedSea Dragon User ReviewedSky Ride User ReviewedSteel Dragon User ReviewedThunder River User ReviewedWhacky Shack User Reviewed
Wild Adventures Ant Farm Express User ReviewedAviator User ReviewedBoomerang User ReviewedBug Out User ReviewedCheetah User ReviewedHangman User ReviewedSwamp Thing User ReviewedTiger Terror User Reviewed
Williams Grove Park Allotria User ReviewedCyclone, The User ReviewedDantes Inferno User ReviewedTwister User ReviewedWildcat, The User Reviewed
Wyandot Lake Sea Dragon User Reviewed
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