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Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. X Six Flags Magic Mountain 4.7640 11
2. Ride of Steel Darien Lake 4.5000 40
3. El Toro Six Flags Great Adventure 4.9149 1
4. GhostRider Knotts Berry Farm 4.6420 24
5. Deja Vu Six Flags Magic Mountain 4.4444 58
6. Nitro Six Flags Great Adventure 4.6708 19
7. Kingda Ka Six Flags Great Adventure 4.3778 76
8. Giant Dipper Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 4.4643 50
9. Desperado Bufallo Bills Hotel Casino 3.8065 216
19. Tatsu Six Flags Magic Mountain 4.2857 -

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Sahara Hotel Casino, The Speed: The Ride User Reviewed
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