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Speed: The Ride
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Ride Type: Steel Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 4.2609
TPC Overall Rank: #97 out of 2933 rides.
Reviews: 51
Last Review: 5/26/2007 8:19:00 PM
In User Top 10: 36 times.
User Tracker Count: 117 times.

Speed Train

Speed Launch

Speed Mid Coaster LIM

Speed Loop

Speed Ride Ops

Speed End Tower

Speed Tower
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4 Rating
-1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up superamare on 5/26/2007 8:19:00 PM - User's Top Ride #5

4 Rating
-1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up ih10 on 5/15/2007 9:00:00 PM
I rode this 3 times I almost threw up on the second time.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up chang on 4/4/2007 1:37:00 AM - User's Top Ride #7
This may be short, but aside from the Desperado some miles away at Buffalo Bills it may be the best bang for (literal) buck coast in Vegas. Even though I'm no stranger to launched rides, this one can come out of nowhere and surprise you, even if you're waiting for it. Also, dont pay too much attention to the ride track as it may spoil some of the fun, though even if you do it may hold a couple surprises. It really deserves its name as Speed the Ride though, cause it packs quite a punch in that category.

4 Rating
+4 Rating Rate Down Rate Up PhantomNik on 10/24/2006 4:02:00 PM
At the far end of the Vegas strip, the main attraction that jumps out is the Stratosphere Tower, as it stands over 900 feet high, with its glistening lights and crazy contraptions at the top. However, right across the street, sitting quietly and unnoticed by many, is the BEST roller coaster on the entire strip – Speed: The Ride. Situated in the Nascar Cafe as part of the Sahara Hotel, Speed is a high octane coaster chalked full of thrills and speed (imagine that, considering its name! LOL), and it delivers the most bang for your a la carte coaster riding buck! The Speed Pass, which we opted for, was a mere $20 for as many rides as you could do. We packed in 8 rides total in the span of about 90 minutes, so in this land of overpriced everything, it ended up being the coaster bargain of the trip. The impressive tower/spike, at a lofty 224 feet, stands proudly at one end of the hotel, and it is no doubt quite visible at that end of the strip. In between is a darting track, dancing past hotel supports and sporting a single inversion – a vertical loop hiding near some wonderfully placed palm trees. Only in Vegas!! Although we rode at night, the color scheme looked sleek and worked well, and the whole coaster had a great placement and interaction with its surroundings, as do the other coasters on the strip. Watching from outside, I knew that this was a coaster that was right up my adrenaline alley!

I really cannot comment much on the queue, as we bypassed all of it and headed right up the stairs to the station, but it looked nice enough, and it’s inside the casino, which would be a benefit in the summer when it’s hot enough to combust. The station is pretty much just there, with the row queues for the single train. We actually rode in the front row every time – ah, the beauty of a Monday evening in early February! The trains are relatively comfortable I guess, although in these types of trains it’s always a little tight with 2 adults and cramming in under those shoulder harnesses. Dare I say, I think this ride would be killer good with just a lapbar/belt (as there is only the one loop), but that’s alright, because thankfully Speed delivers a memorable ride regardless. Once we were given the all clear, we awaited the inevitable. The initial launch is good and rather forceful, but you only get to 45 mph as the train exits the casino and executes a wonderful diving drop to the left. This little drop is great; I only wish the initial launch was faster. Although, the slower launch was probably necessary to navigate the quick turn and drop without too much discomfort. The drop takes you underground somewhat, where you then fly into the vertical loop, as palm trees whiz by on the side. The inversion itself is rather average, but the placement is excellent! Then the ride heads up towards the hotel sign. This is where things really get fun!!

At this point you hit some booster LIMs that rocket you to 70 mph! I’m not sure why, but this mid-course launch felt way more powerful and thrilling than the initial one. Flying along, the train darts through the underside of the hotel sign, creating a great close call. And now you rocket up – straight up – the giant vertical spike of track. In the front, it just feels like the train is gonna fly off the track. Thankfully it doesn’t, but you go basically the whole way up the tower. At that point the train slows to almost stopping, creating a blissful floating sensation from over 200 feet in the air! This is not your parents’ shuttle loop coaster!! Now you traverse the course again, only this time it’s done backwards! I always like the sensation of going backwards on a coaster, and this one is fantastic backwards, as you start by plummeting back down the tower, which is quite a rush! Then comes the loop in reverse, which is more forceful than going forwards through it. I am a huge fan of any backwards inversion, and this one is quite awesome! Before long you are coasting slowly back into the

4 Rating
+2 Rating Rate Down Rate Up BobFunland on 8/22/2006 12:18:00 AM
I enjoyed my three rides on Speed a lot, and at a rediculous $10/ride, I am glad it was free. The launch was pretty cool, even though the furst turn can result in a nice yank into the OTSR. The loop is good, not quite a Schwarzkopf but better than your standard B&M variety. The second row of accelerators and the turns were ok, going up the spike, but backwards is where this ride, like all shuttle loops, is at its best to me. I LOVE going through vertical loops backwards, and this was no exception. Speed was a great ride, the best in the state if you ask me, but the price is questionable in my mind =\

5 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up coasterwom on 4/28/2006 4:51:00 AM
This is a very good steel coaster in Nevada. This is a shuttle coaster with two inversions. This ride was built by Premier Rides in the year 2000. The hill is 225 ft high. The ride is approximately 1500 feet long. This was one of the newest Premier LIM catapult coasters when I visited the casino. This shuttle is launched from inside the Nascar Cafe into an overbanked curve, before plunging into a tunnel 15 feet below the sidewalk. After it roars through a vertical loop, a second set of LIMs blasts the train to 70 mph through the Sahara Hotel and Casino sign into a highly banked curve, then straight up a vertical spike before returning through the same course in reverse. The cost for a ride all day bracelet is $15. Inside they also have race cars you can drive and these are included in the price of ticket. I rode the coaster about 15 times and drove the cars about 5 times. Its well worth the money and alot of fun. It is fun, rerideable, it has a large capacity, and a long duration. It is also nicely themed or decorated.

4 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up calla999 on 1/19/2006 3:43:00 PM
This was my first launch ride as well as my first reverse coaster. The launch is very good into a very sharp curve into the tunnel. As you come out of the tunnel you are into the vertical loop. The second set of LIMs come next to speed up the train. You then coast along the front of the Sahara until you reach the tower. You seem to get an infinite amount of airtime at this point of the ride. Then, read from here in reverse to find of what happens after that. The funny thing about it was the day I went they were running a 2 for 1 special, but you had to take them on consecutive rides. So, image the first launch coaster you were on and remember if you wanted another ride immediately after the first. I bet they didnt do that special for very long, because 2 people from our train (not me thankfully) ran to the restroom and barfed and 3 people were already in there from the train before getting cleaned up.

5 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up jdale on 12/31/2005 11:08:00 AM
Despite the length of the ride and shoulder restraints, this ride packs a punch. I got a wristband and I got to ride it 10 times. This thing doesnt often have much of a line, and I never had to wait at all for this. Now for the ride. The first launch doesnt make the train go as fast as other launches, but it was still great fun. 0-45 mph in under 2 seconds. Out of the station and into daylight, we speed crazily through an overbanked turn. It drops into an underground tunnel which was pretty unique. We then pop out of the tunnel straight into a loop. After that comes a second launch: 40-70 mph in under 2 seconds. A couple of turns and we rocket up the the large spike with some good ol floater air on the way. Then we go through the layout backwards before ending up in the station. I also think this is the best ride in Vegas, not counting Desperado. Its not in Vegas. If you ride this, youll see why I rode it 10 times. I saw this coaster from my hotel room at TI (Treasure Island). Quite intense and one of the few launch coasters that Ive ridden, next to the two launch coasters at SF Great Adventure and the ones at CP. Definitely worth a stop at Sahara for this. It was the only reason I stopped at Sahara.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up coolstud on 11/30/2005 11:15:00 PM - User's Top Ride #1
Boom your off everything that goes by you is a blur. This is the best coaster in Las Vegas.

5 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up biosciking on 1/1/2005 9:45:00 PM
Speed is a very fun coaster that is probably the most accessible of the Vegas rides (not as crowded as the Manhattan Express, and you dont have to take an elevator up a 1000-foot tower). You can usually get right on, and this is a quick, get-to-the-point ride, so overall you may not spend much time with it. Dont dismiss this one too quickly, though. Built by Premier, Speed launches you out of the Nascar Cafe, into a 90-degree banked turn, into an underground tunnel, and through a vertical loop. After the loop, you hit another set of of LIMs that rocket you through the Sahara sign and up a 200-foot tower. There is top notch floater air on the way back down the tower. You do it all in reverse before the ride is over. Again, this is a quick trip, but a fun rush. Its not painful like the Manhattan Express, and its cheaper (though not by much) too.

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