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Ride Type: Wooden Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 3.5600
TPC Overall Rank: #278 out of 2933 rides.
Reviews: 58
Last Review: 4/23/2013 8:35:00 AM
In User Top 10: 33 times.
User Tracker Count: 267 times.

Colussus Train

Colssus Sign
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2 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up coast2COASTER on 4/23/2013 8:35:00 AM
Let me start by saying I have a soft spot for wood coasters, especially quirky ones no one else likes (SFNE Cyclone, Sky Liner, Wild Cat @LC) but I have no love for this ride. It's the first thing you see when you pull into the parking lot, such a beautiful welcoming ride, and also the reason it doesn't get a one! It compliments Goliath nicely (as neither of them are very good rides ha!) The ride suffers from a lack of forces other then the first drop and the tire "launch" from the station, no air time to speak of and no laterals as all the turns are taken very slowly. Also it's another twin coaster that no longer races...This layout was clearly built with the idea that the racing aspect would add to the ride....Sorry Colossus, but I'll be walking past you and on to Scream from now on...

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up cmciv on 1/5/2013 12:48:00 PM
The first half of the ride is great, with lovely drops that go all the way to the ground, some offering solid air. The breaks were kind of a letdown as it slowed down the latter half of the ride quite a bit, to the point where the train seemed to barely creep over one of the hills. The wooden structure itself looks superb and it looms over the parking lot. Overall, this former record breaker continues to be a solid wooden coaster.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up razor12 on 8/23/2008 3:11:00 PM
This is incredibly underrated. The drops seemed sudden and it was overall smooth. This was a great Woodie and I am surprised more crowds weren&#39.t around it. It is worth a ride.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up T-Rex on 7/8/2008 10:42:00 AM
Colossus was a pretty underrated coaster in my opinion. The drops were surprisingly big and had some air and the ride actually raced. The whole ride was smooth and the final bunny hills had some good air.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up SFne201004 on 1/23/2008 5:23:00 PM
A fantastic wooden coaster. The only blemish on this ride is the brakes halfway through the ride. they really made the second half less fun than the first half.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up calla999 on 1/16/2007 1:02:00 PM
I really liked this ride. I thought it had great pacing, moderate airtime, plenty of ride time and solid speed. There is lots of criticism about the roughness of the ride, but for a 28 year old woodie I would say it is tons better than anything that old. I really didnt even notice the roughness of the ride. If you want rough, try its B&M buddy across the park that is 13 years younger. Back to Colossus, there are lots of good rides at SFMM but this one is a must ride in my opinion.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up larrygator on 10/3/2006 9:34:00 PM
Comfortable seats are a plus and the ride provides a little air on the first two drops but the rest of the ride did nothing for me. The ride is bouncy but not rough jackhammer (but they better be careful), the brake slows the ride too much for the second half.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up rct247 on 7/2/2006 10:41:00 PM
One of my top 10 wooden roller coasters! I loved it. Unlike my home parks big wooden Texas Giant, Colossus isnt as painful, and is just really fun. I just wish both sides were running!

3 Rating
-1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up varis on 5/9/2006 8:03:00 PM - User's Top Ride #10
Me and my friends sat in the very back and by the end we had horrible backaches. we got all of the whiplash and it was bumpy too so it was just horrible. We were thinking that it looked like a good ride and it had a very short line so we decided to go on it. afterwards we knew why it was a short line. its probably a better ride if you sit in the very front.

4 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Predator on 4/20/2006 12:04:00 AM
Even though this isnt the greatest wooden coaster (Screamin Eagle at SFStL), I still like this one a whole lot. I call this ride the butt banger after some other people complained about that. I would love this coaster to replace American Eagle at SFGAm. Can we trade even though its not my park? I was still disappointed to only see one train going on one side considering that it has two sides.

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