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Biography: I think, for everyone’s sake here on the site, I should review exactly what a review of a park, ride, or attraction should be like. I know that I’m relatively new here, so I really need to earn my say, but I’m one to take action… It’s important to understand these simple review-writing ideas:

1) State both the pros and cons of the ride. Don’t exaggerate and say there are no bad things / good things, because there always are.
2) Tell us about the ride and what to expect. What is the atmosphere like? What about the roughness / clarity / sounds? Are they top notch, or a step below?
3) To summarize, do you recommend the ride? Would you go on it if the wait was short? Or would you never go on it again. Once more, try to state this answer without going overboard claiming you’d never ever ever ride it ever again!
4) Finally, rate the ride on the scale of 1 - 10. I recommend saving this for last, because while writing the review you may remember things you had previously forgotten or your mind may have tipped in either direction.

Personally, I use a simple system of whether or not to rate someone else’s review as a “good” or as a “bad.” I turn the above steps into questions and ask myself:

1) Did the poster list the pros and cons of the ride?
2) Did they explain the ride and what it is like?
3) Did they summarize, or leave me hanging with a statement like “It’s an OK ride” that could point either way: Recommend or not recommend?

That’s how I rate reviews. If I give a ride a 10 and you give it a 1 but explain why, your review deserves a “good” rating. If I give a ride a 10 and you do as well, but your review says “It was fun,” you really haven’t told me anything about the ride if I had not known what it was, now had you? Another thing to remember: Don’t give someone a bad rating because they didn’t agree with you. For example, I wrote a comprehensive, helpful, informative review on Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s “Curse of DarKastle: The Ride.” Because someone didn’t agree with what I said and thought it deserved a better /worse rating, they rated my review as “bad”.

I listed pros and cons, told about the ride, summarized by recommending it, and rated it an 8, but because someone didn’t agree with that rating, I now have a “bad” in my profile. It’s sad, because I wrote a quality review full of facts and opinions and because someone didn’t feel those facts and opinion were accurate (And so, in tune with there’s), I got a bad rating. Please keep this in mind while rating reviews. Thank you.
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