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User Name: Scott
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Millennium Force Cedar Point 4.8327 5
2. Apollos Chariot Busch Gardens Williamsburg 4.7143 15
3. Nitro Six Flags Great Adventure 4.6708 19
4. Montu Busch Gardens Tampa 4.6412 25
5. Tower of Terror Disney-MGM Studios 4.6476 22
6. Phoenix Knoebels 4.8052 8
7. Boulder Dash Lake Compounce 4.8873 2
8. Kraken Sea-World Florida 4.7025 17
9. Legend Holiday World 4.4186 63
19. Raging Bull Six Flags Great America 4.6061 27

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Circus Circus Hotel Casino Canyon Blaster User Reviewed
Holiday World Legend User Ranked #9 User ReviewedRaven User Reviewed
Knotts Berry Farm Boomerang User ReviewedGhostRider User ReviewedJaguar! User ReviewedMontezoomas Revenge User ReviewedRipTide User ReviewedSilver Bullet User ReviewedSky Cabin User ReviewedSupreme Scream User ReviewedTampico Tumbler User ReviewedTimber Mountain Log Ride User ReviewedXcelerator User Reviewed
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North Pole: Home of Santas Workshop Dive Bomber User ReviewedFerris Wheel User Reviewed
Sahara Hotel Casino, The Speed: The Ride User Reviewed
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 1911 Looff Carousel User ReviewedGiant Dipper User ReviewedHurricaine User Reviewed
Sea-World San Antonio Great White, The User ReviewedR.L. Stines Haunted Lighthouse User ReviewedRio Loco User ReviewedTexas Splashdown User ReviewedThe Steel Eel User Reviewed
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