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User Name: haddock423
Member Since: 6/24/2004 10:59:00 PM
Home Town: Potomac, MD
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Biography: I am obsessed with coasters and carousels and want to own my own park someday. I also enjoy learning about the history of amusement parks.
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Grand Carousel Knoebels 4.7500 14
18. Merry-go-round #2 Knoebels 4.0000 -
18. Antique Carousel Canobie Lake Park 3.8333 -
18. Dr. Geysers Remarkable Raft Ride Story Land 4.5714 -
18. Antique German Carousel Story Land 4.1250 -
18. Reindeer Carousel Santas Village 3.7500 -
18. Carousel Kings Dominion 3.0000 -
18. Hurler Kings Dominion 3.5273 291
18. Grizzly Kings Dominion 4.1500 131
18. Twister Knoebels 4.3750 77

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Palace Playland Chance Menagerie Carousel User ReviewedCrazy Dance User ReviewedDodgem Cars User ReviewedGalaxi Roller Coaster User ReviewedGiant Sun Wheel User ReviewedGrand Orient Fun House User ReviewedLog FlumeMatterhorn User ReviewedMoby Dick User ReviewedOrient Express User ReviewedSuper Star User ReviewedTilt-a-Whirl User ReviewedYo-Yo Swings User Reviewed
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Six Flags America Carousel User ReviewedKrypton Comet User ReviewedMidnight Express Haunted Train User ReviewedOctopus User ReviewedRodeo User Reviewed
Story Land Alices Tea Cup Ride User ReviewedAntique Car Ride User ReviewedAntique German Carousel User Ranked #18 User ReviewedBamboo ChutesBuccaneer Pirate Ship and Play Area User ReviewedCinderellas Castle User ReviewedCinderellas Pumpkin Coach User ReviewedCrazy Barn User ReviewedCuckoo Clockenspiel User ReviewedDr. Geysers Remarkable Raft Ride User Ranked #18 User ReviewedDutch Shoe Ride User ReviewedFarm Follies Show User ReviewedGreat Balloon Chase User ReviewedHuff, Puff, and Whistle Railroad User ReviewedLos Bravos Silver Mine User ReviewedPolar Coaster User ReviewedProfessor Bigglestep’s Loopy Laboratory User ReviewedSandcastle Maze User ReviewedSlipshod Safari Tours User ReviewedStory Land Queen User ReviewedSwanboats User ReviewedTractor RideTurtle Twirl User ReviewedWhirling Whales User Reviewed
Yorks Wild Kingdom Catepillar Ride User ReviewedMerry Go Round User Reviewed
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