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Toboggan Nordique
Website: La Ronde Homepage
Ride Type: Wild Mouse Coaster
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 3.0000
TPC Overall Rank: Rides need more than 25 reviews to be ranked.
Reviews: 6
Last Review: 6/21/2009 1:35:00 PM
In User Top 10: 1 times.
User Tracker Count: 10 times.

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3 Rating
-1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Nlfreakk on 6/21/2009 1:35:00 PM
You're always having a good time on those Mack Mouse coasters.
Each time you take one of those sharp forceful hairpin turns, you just can't help but laugh. And these little drops are so friggin great! I can say I'm on the side of the Mack Mouse lovers. It's a blast to be with friends in one of those trains and just laugh together each turn and drop. Overrated experience guys. Oh, and the theming is definitely not so heavy, but I have no problem with how it looks!

But the 3/5 defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
Well... yeah, all the rest is simply unacceptable. This ride runs 3 trains seating 4 people only being operated incredibly slowly, making the lines incredibly long for a punishingly short experience. Jump on it if you see the line fills up the first two lines of the queue, but if it is any longer, skip.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up T-Rex on 12/23/2007 1:23:00 PM
Pretty good wild mouse coaster. This one has long lines thanks to its low capacity, but the ride was trimless! The first half had forceful and fast hairpin turns that really were thrilling. However, the second halfs drops werent as big as the ones on Mack models and they didnt have any air, but they were zippy.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Ride_R on 1/28/2007 9:09:00 PM
Uh...its boring...its rough........thats about it, still if you are one who cant face big rollercoasters you might enjoy that...but I think this ride was made for parents and their child so knowing that, ill give it like...a four or a five.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up sowinski on 9/7/2006 11:31:00 PM
Im not a wild mouse fan in general and this one didnt do anything to change my opinion. Merely average.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up larrygator on 9/27/2004 11:50:00 PM
slightly above average wild mouse as every right hand turn is very forceful. Very slow loading, long lines all day.

2 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up krussel on 9/7/2003 7:44:00 PM
An easy roller coaster. Very popular with long lines. Good for a non daring thril seeker. Maximum speed is 18 km/h (about 11 mph). But in fareness it is meant as a family roller coaster. A ride for all ages.

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