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 Review of Toboggan Nordique @ La Ronde
-1 Rating Posted by: Nlfreakk on 6/21/2009 1:35:00 PM
You're always having a good time on those Mack Mouse coasters.
Each time you take one of those sharp forceful hairpin turns, you just can't help but laugh. And these little drops are so friggin great! I can say I'm on the side of the Mack Mouse lovers. It's a blast to be with friends in one of those trains and just laugh together each turn and drop. Overrated experience guys. Oh, and the theming is definitely not so heavy, but I have no problem with how it looks!

But the 3/5 defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
Well... yeah, all the rest is simply unacceptable. This ride runs 3 trains seating 4 people only being operated incredibly slowly, making the lines incredibly long for a punishingly short experience. Jump on it if you see the line fills up the first two lines of the queue, but if it is any longer, skip.
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