Zombie World
Ride Type: Trackguided Shooter
Ride Status: Running
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Last Review: 9/1/2008 5:17:00 PM
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3 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up spanky on 9/1/2008 5:17:00 PM
We went on this ride over the labor day weekend 2008. I have to say since the last person&#39..s review of the ride in 2004 things have changed. We went on since we were given a coupon for $2.00 off and we specifically went to Wildwood to go on the dark rides at the pier. So we figured $5.00/person wasn&#39..t that bad. Wow, we were wrong.

First off they give you these 3D type glasses that either haven&#39..t been cleaned in a long time or something was wrong with their cleaning machine/disinfectant spray. Mine was still oily and I couldn&#39..t see through the lenses at all. But whatever, it is only advertised as a 3D ride. I have been on many, many 3D rides/movies in this country and have never gotten such a dirty pair.

Secondly, the laser type guns do not work. My gun had the laser light on the whole time. Didn&#39..t matter if I pulled the trigger or not. NO noise, no surprise. Just hold the laser light up. What fun! The other gun seemed to go off when the trigger was pulled and made some type of shooting noise. So I thought, hey mine will be on the whole time, I&#39..ll have a higher score and beat the pants off my fiance. Wrong! There were no targets, nothing to aim and shoot at. There were zombies everywhere and I figured your supposed to shoot them and something would happen. Nope. Just the annoying laser beam that wouldn&#39..t shut off. I was aiming like a sniper at these zombies with an annoying red beam. So I put the gun down and tried to enjoy the rest of the ride minus the glasses, minus the gun.

The ride in itself is creative and this is why I would give it a 5 rating. The zombies were popping out of everywhere. I loved the part where the smoke was blown behind me. Made us jump. However, there was a lot more attention to detail on the outside of the ride then inside the actual ride.

I wouldn&#39..t recommend this ride to anyone. If you want to see dark props just hang out in the lobby for free. You&#39..ll see more and actually save yourself some $.

FYI, we never did receive that actual piece of paper with our scores on it like the other reviewer wrote about a couple years ago. Nor is there a web site zombieworld.net.

4 Rating
+1 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Horizons12 on 9/1/2004 10:43:00 PM
This has got to be the most creative dark ride/interactive ride I have ever been on. Its unmistakable on the boardwalk first of all. Its located right next to the Strand Theater, it has a sign that says the name and a huge 10ft anamatronic mutant that moves in a spazmatic way and seems to look at people standing near it. There is also a TV hanging from the ceiling with a whole video explaining what the ride is and the story behind it. The video is like a bad horror movie that begins with a guy with a flashlight beam shining on his face going "Attention all humans!! If you can hear this, then you are standing just outside Zombie World!" It goes on to explain that inside is a ride through a subway system of a world taken over by zombies. You jump in your UAV (Underground Assault Vehicle) and you have to kill the zombies! If your score is above a certain number then you made it out alive, if its below the number...then YOU have been turned into a ZOMBIE!!! Now that you know all that, why dont I talk about the ride! When you walk in there you realize that the place is really big, the entire ride is behind this giant curtain they put up. All you see/hear from the station is flashing lights, screams, sound effects, and shooting. The ride is like the Haunted Mansion ride at WDW where your on a constantly moving track with cars that can turn. The only differences with the ride system is that the cars look like large metal boxes with guns that have a roof and a large opening in the front and every two cars or so are missing so you dont see the stunts and zombies ahead of time. You get on via a conveyor belt, they close the door and your off to stomp some zombies. The entire ride, from what I remember, is in the range of 7-10 minutes long with many stunts and things to shoot. It could be better but its still a blast to ride. A part that caught me off guard was this anamatronic dog that leaps out and blows air at you from a hole in the subway tunnel, I was too stunned to get off many shots at the thing. The ride is $6, I personally think its worth it. "If you make it out alive...which you probably wont" youll get a receipt with your score and an ID number. You can then go to Zombieworld.net, type in your ID# and see your rank and place of all the people that went on Zombie World. They have top scores of the month, year, and day listed on the site too. If your in Wildwood, check out Zombie World, its a lot of fun! ***EDIT*** I just went on Zombie World again, and it seems to have lost a bit of luster. There werent as many stunts as I remember, the loud blast of air in the subway is still there though which scared the heck out of me lol. The concept and the incredibly tounge-in-cheek pre ride video give it a lot of points, the ride itself is sort of mediocre though. Rating dropped from 10 to 8

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