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Super Himalaya
Website: Jenkinsons Boardwalk Homepage
Ride Type: Flat Ride
Ride Status: Running
Average Rating: 3.0000
TPC Overall Rank: Rides need more than 25 reviews to be ranked.
Reviews: 2
Last Review: 12/21/2007 11:06:00 AM
In User Top 10: 0 times.
User Tracker Count: 11 times.

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3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up T-Rex on 12/21/2007 11:06:00 AM
Decent himalaya, though it used to be better. This one traveled pretty quickly and had good laterals as well, but it only traveled forwards and didnt run for a really long time. The ride did look good though.

3 Rating
0 Rating Rate Down Rate Up Horizons12 on 11/12/2003 1:44:00 PM
Well its not that super, Its basicly a Music Express made by a different company. It had forward and backward rotation when I went on it but I think I saw it going forward only last time I went to JB. Its an ok speed but the operator is very annoying in that every 10 seconds he tells the riders to scream. Once or twice is good but not every ten seconds, especially with all those little kids on it that WILL scream.

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