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 Review of Rockn Roller Coaster @ Disney-MGM Studios
-2 Rating Posted by: SFGA_fan on 10/3/2001 8:28:00 PM
Liked the launch, liked the music, otherwise I was not impressed, besides the cobra roll at the beginning and the corkscrew towards the end, all it is is twists.

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xDisney on 10/27/2001 4:46:25 PM said:
If you rode it you might feel differently. Its an indoor coaster not MF.
Sephiroth7 on 10/27/2001 9:25:24 PM said:
??? Disney how do you know this guy didnt ride it? His review makes perfect sense. In fact this is a pretty average review for this ride. Are you making a mistake, or do you really feel this way.
xDisney on 10/28/2001 5:26:43 AM said:
Check out his viewer pofile. Read his reviews. Youll figure it out.
mojojojo14 on 10/28/2001 10:13:59 AM said:
Well i kind of agree with him. too many break runs. but i would give it a bit more credit than he did.
Sephiroth7 on 10/29/2001 12:33:23 AM said:
??? I am still confused Disney. I read his reviews and they seem very normal. What is making you feel this way. I am really confused this time...????
m311ton on 8/18/2002 3:32:50 PM said:
I agree with this review. The ride isnt that great. Sure, the launch is pretty cool but the rest of the ride really brings the rating down. And by the way xDisney, I went on this ride with SFGA_fan.
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