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 Review of Griffon @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
-1 Rating Posted by: RCGenius on 7/22/2009 4:44:00 PM
Since I rode SheiKra back in 2005, I kinda knew what I was expecting from Griffon before I rode it. However, despite the similar track layouts, Griffon's far from a total SheiKra clone as I felt that this coaster was more intense and had more to the layout (and I'm not talking about the extra immelman after the midcourse brakes). The holding brake before the 205' 90-degree drop at 71 m.p.h. is still a nice touch as it builds anticipation and fear in some riders. After the holding brake, plunging down that drop's like being dropped from the tallest building as it takes you straight down and you're left with nothing but pure bliss of ejector air. The huge immelman that followed it was nice, and after the midcourse brake came the second 130+' drop which gives you more ejector air. After the drop, the coaster meanders through some turns before going over the water splash element which is great for enhancing the scenery and getting some extra mist blown on you before the ride ends. Overall, Griffon's a fun coaster that's built for vertical drops, ejector air, and sudden bursts of excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately, I'm a fan of coasters that are long in length and have more elements, which Griffon, like SheiKra, lacks in.
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