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 Review of Griffon @ Busch Gardens Williamsburg
1 Rating Posted by: DDfan on 9/4/2008 4:13:00 PM
The Grffion ride is the 2nd dive machine in the united states. This ride is fairly short but, utilzes all it&#39.s elements very well. This ride starts out with a small dip in to a very steep chain lift. The ride reaches the top then has a flat curve 205 feet in the air the highest point for a guest to reach inside the park. The curve leaves you at a holding brake which bulids the anticipation for about 4 seconds. Then you really start your flight with a 90 degree drop giving loads of ecjector air. The ride then enters the first of two inversions(both immelemans 2 inversions is the most out of the dive machines.)suprisingly this inversion has some airtime at the top. The ride exits the immleman into a 90 degree banked curved hill. The mid course brakes are located here. You enter the second 90 degree drop also giving some ejector air. The inversion was basically the same as the first. The ride then enters a over banked curve in to a lake. The train skims across track located inbetween the water. Then there is a small hill with a nice pop of air then enters the final brakes. A very good ride not worth more then a 40 minute wait. If you have ridden Sheikra at BGA it&#39.s a simalar expirence.
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