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 Review of Blue Streak @ Cedar Point
1 Rating Posted by: shag9004 on 8/22/2008 6:00:00 PM
Date Ridden: Every summer since 2006. Times Ridden: 5 Blue Streak is pretty much the best woodie Cedar Point has to offer. It is a quaint, old out-and-back design that really only has one problem: the restraints. In the cars, it is still possible to see where the original one position buzz bars were located, but now they are gone with individual lap bars and seat belts. To me personally, this always causes problems with the trains. To begin with, the cars were not designed to use the new restraints. The intent of the original ride was to give the rider that out of control feeling one gets on all of the great seaside woodies from years ago. The lap bars on Blue Streak are especially uncomfortable almost ruining the entire experience. I am not a large person (under 6 feet tall and around 165 pounds) but I feel crowded in the Blue Streak trains. Other than this one problem, the coaster design itself is above average. The ride is not rough, the out-and-back layout is fun with pops of air on both the trip out and the trip back. The scenery is nice with a good view of Lake Erie. The coaster itself could just be so much fun set among all of the steel materpieces Cedar Point offers if only it had been left as it was originally intended to be: with buzz bar restraints and an out of control feeling. What could have been a top ranked wooden coaster is now merely average. I will continue to ride Blue Streak on each return trip to the Coaster Capitol. Howver, I will also continue to rue the day that Cedar Fair neutered their best woodie.Overall Score - 7

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bumprnugit on 8/22/2008 9:18:16 PM said:
Last time I rode BS it still had the buzzbars, and even though it was many years ago and my memory is a bit fuzzy, I don'.t think I would have rated this higher than a 7
(8 tops.) It was like kissing your sister. nice enough, but not something that you should be passionate about. I'.ll be at CP this coming week, so I will be sure to investigate this...
shag9004 on 8/22/2008 10:14:37 PM said:
i agree......i just love these old woodies but it is doubtful that Blue Streak would ever have been over an 8. Also, the fact that this is actually still the best wooden coaster at CP shows the state of their wooden coasters. While I don'.t think that Blue Streak and Mean Streak are horrible like many people say, the park is still well below average in wooden coasters for a park its size.
bumprnugit on 8/23/2008 12:31:22 AM said:
I have no kind words for "...Yellow Streak".... I await the day CP redeems itself in the wood category, in the same way SFGAdv did with El Toro. If any park would install a Itamin hybrid woodie, I would place odds CP would be it. But, I don'...t care how many steel rides a park has, you need a world-class woodie to even attempt to lay claim as THE roller coaster park. CP can pack in as many as they want, but I'...ll take 16 rides on The Phoenix over 1 ride on each of theirs any day, and still have lots of money left over for tri-taters!
detroit_jc on 8/23/2008 3:30:05 AM said:
very upsetting. ratcheting lap bars have no business being on a coaster like this. john allen & ptc always hovered around the belief that anything more than 100 ft tall in a woodie is asking for trouble. so they made up for that in a groung hugging airtime capable layout. which is totally defeated by these stupid ".safe". restraint systems. i have been fortunate enough to ride this coaster with the buzz bars when i barely met the height requirements. a ride ill never forget! what a woodie should be. out of control. CEDAR FAIR, LEAVE THESE CLASSICS ALONE DAMMIT!
weaver23 on 8/31/2008 12:31:59 PM said:
I don'.t know what any of you are whining about but Blur Streak has incredible airtime is an amazing woody for its age and is very comfortable.
shag9004 on 9/1/2008 9:18:50 PM said:
I just do not think it is comfortable. We are blessed to have a John Allen Creation at my local park: The Cannonball at Lake Winnie. It was built in 1967 and is in MUCH better condition Blue Streak. It still has the buzz bar intact although seat belts have been added. It is much smaller, but offers a much better ride.
bumprnugit on 9/1/2008 10:50:48 PM said:
shaggy, don'.t entertain weaver. I'.m impressed he actually critiqued a review that was less than 6 months old. I already have a thing against most Qu├ębecois, but I do not want him to make me start to dislike the excellent people of Ontario.
weaver23 on 9/3/2008 6:49:08 PM said:
Excuse me...I was stating my opinion, why don'.t you stop sticking your nose in places it doesn'.t belong, that post contributed nothing whereas mine did. If you have a problem with me posting things about reviews too bad, no one cares. IF you hate Cedar Point'.s coaster'.s go away and stop looking in their coasters reviews.
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