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 Review of Blue Streak @ Cedar Point
2 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 3/28/2008 11:41:00 AM
In a park like Cedar Point, where the newest thrills are constantly making their presence known as they grace the landscape, it is great to see a seasoned veteran of the coaster world still stand strong and hold its own. Up in the front of the park, hugging Perimeter Road, there sits a modest little wooden coaster constructed of light blue painted lumber. It’s not giant or flashy, but instead just sits comfortably in its spot like it has for more than 40 years. It is Blue Streak, the wooden classic that is named after a local high school team. It is a prime example of how bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to wooden coasters that were built pre-El Toro and Voyage. At the other end of the park is a wooden giant that dwarfs Blue Streak in size, but only wishes it could deliver a solid ride even half as good as the one dished out by Blue Streak. This coaster is a fine example of a good, sometimes approaching great, coaster. It is one of those rides that actually seems to have a personality, as it gives out different rides from time to time, without any of them being characterized as lacking or bad. There’s not one thing in particular that stands out overwhelmingly on Blue Streak; rather, it is composed of a sprinkling of all things that make up a good coaster experience.

Waits for the oldest coaster at the Point are usually not very long, thanks to a quick crew and constant 2-train operation. Not to mention, there’s that big green bird nearby that tends to draw many guests to its queue instead. The station is simplistic, but in a good way, with just a simple sign and a roof. Like I said, no glitz is needed here. Blue Streak boasts an out and back layout, in the most traditional sense of those words, while running standard PTC trains on its tracks. Upon buckling up and getting a check from the operators, the train glides out and heads toward the lift. After catching the good old fashioned lift chain, the train clickety-clacks its way to the top of the 78 foot tall lift hill. I do love these "old school" wooden coasters, from the sounds to the ride itself. The first drop on Blue Streak is shallow, but still pretty good, with a pop of airtime in the back. Aside from that extra pop off the lift though, the rest of the ride spreads the airtime to all seats well, with more actually felt towards the front. The rest of the fun course consists of several hills, each producing some modest air, leading to the turnaround, which is pretty quick. The "back" leg is this coaster’s real strength, as it is on these hills that the airtime is most pronounced. Some of the hills really pop you up off your seat, which is always a plus! Before long, the train glides into the brakes concluding the journey. This one is all about a fun coaster ride, as it delivers smiles and laughs each time I hop aboard. The speed is modest, but feels about right for the coaster’s size. The drops are good, and the airtime is very good, especially in the return leg when this puppy heats up. The trains are good and rather comfortable, and the whole ride is very smooth. Blue Streak is just solid all the way around.

Blue Streak reigns supreme for now in the wooden coaster category at Cedar Point, which admittedly isn’t anything too grand considering that the park only has 2 woodies. But even more than that, it keeps the park connected to its roots and to its more humbler beginnings before giant steel innovations were even available. This coaster is a classic, and it gives the park some old flare and character. These wooden gems are an integral part of parks, and we can only hope that parks that have them, like Cedar Point, keep them running in fine shape for generations to come. And here’s hoping that the park can give it a fine newer wooden compliment, like something from GCI. Imagine this old winner paired with a newer twisty wooden gem from those guys! But I digress. The bottom line is that Blue Streak is a solid coaster that has withstood th

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detroit_jc on 3/28/2008 5:30:24 PM said:
Sometimes I just get plain angry when the head hanchos of the amusement organizations keep fiddling with their roller coasters. this was an ACE Coaster Classic! Then out come the seat dividers, headreasts, & they do away with the ever dissappearing buzz bars. why sacrifice the honor of being reconized by the ACE club? I despise the modifications like these. especially the transition from buzz bars to ratcheting lapbars. Does any of this have an an affect on your rating? I think a 7.5 may be a little low for for the type of ride this delivers. No offense Mr Phantom.
ginzo on 3/29/2008 2:43:41 PM said:
"And here’s hoping that the park can give it a fine newer wooden compliment, like something from GCI."

This wont happen as long as Dick Kinzel is driving the bus. They did mention the possibility of adding a dark ride though, which is a nice change of pace for the park IMO.

"Why sacrifice the honor of being recognized by the ACE club?"

Because ACE is lame and that award along with $1 will buy you a nice cup of coffee.

I agree that they shouldnt have hacked up the trains, but this is Cedar Fair.

About Blue Streak: It seems like it was a really nice ride at one point. It needs a little bit of TLC though.
PhantomNik on 3/31/2008 12:33:43 PM said:
^^Yeah the buzz bar was slightly better, but that would only up it to an even 8 for me. I could care less if its an "ACE Classic" or not, cause I review the ride based on my experiences on it. And like I said in the review, this to me is a good to approaching great roller coaster. That is the definition of a 7.5 in my book.

^Im not so sure about the GCI thing. They seem to be Cedar Fairs wood coaster of choice right now, as Valleyfair got Renegade and Californias Great America is getting one for 2009. The only thing I know he nixed was the thought of putting in an Intamin pre-fab woodie (which is a dumb move on his part, cause those things are money in the bank!). A dark ride certainly would be a welcomed and refreshing addition!

ginzo on 3/31/2008 2:52:03 PM said:
^Id put money on it. Supposedly Cedar Fair is run by region. So, Uncle Dick may have had little to do with those GCII installations. However, Cedar Point is his baby the region he controls and we all know what he thinks of wooden coasters.

100% agree about the Intamin woodie thing. Those things seem almost made for Cedar Point: Big, fast, extreme forces, smooth, and low upkeep. Yet they wont do it. Dumb.

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