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 Review of Raptor @ Cedar Point
2 Rating Posted by: Ooh Sexy on 8/1/2007 11:35:00 PM
As you enter the park the very first thing that you see is this green masterpiece of a coaster: The Raptor. Standing high right on the midway, there is no way you cant find it. Or hear it for that matter. The B&M roar lures riders into its queue. Be sure not to ride it first thing if you enter the park right when it opens however, the queue will be completely filled. Wait for sometime in the late afternoon when the line is shortest. As you enter the queue you walk right past the helix which creates great tension as the roar is incredibly loud and the screams of the riders fill your ears. The station is located right above you! The ride runs really good with 3 trains, although the day I went it was raining and waited around 2 and a half hours to ride! I heard this one doesnt run that well in the rain and I found out the hard way! They test ran each train around 10 times each before finally letting people on, and by then it started raining again which was frustrating. But I am not rating this on an experience that was outside the rides control. We waited out for the front row and finally boarded our ride on the Raptor. The floor dropped, the gates opened, and we were set loose. A nice turn and the huge lift hill followed. Look to your left and you can see the long layout of Raptor that you will soon be on. You reach the top, disengage the chain, take a turn about 150 feet above the midway, and dive down the straight drop. The visuals in the front were fantastic as the ground is rushing at you. Before you splatter on the pavement, Raptor glides up into a tight loop. This loop was more forceful then most, which was a plus. Next comes the best part of the ride: The Zero G Roll. You really get whipped into this inversion, and leaves a pretty good weightless feeling. Before you know it, youre speeding along the ground and up into the forceful Cobra Roll. This was the most intense part of the ride (Besides the helix.) There is some minor headbanging, but nothing serious. Dont know how it is in other seats as I only tried it once. You are prety disoriented as you exit the Cobra Roll, and youre up a turn and into the MCBR. On my ride it was barely turned on and we flew down that wonderful turning drop. A corkscrew followed which was pretty intense. You then glide along the midway before turning and into another corkscrew. Next is the most intense part of the ride: The Helix. At the bottom of it your feet will be tingling! Your head is pushed back into your restraint and keep it that way because a rough turn later and you just SLAM into the brakes and can cause whiplash if youre not careful. Overall its a very fun and long invert that is pretty intense! Love the color scheme, although it is only one color. Definately recommended if you visit Cedar Point.

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Canobie Coaster on 8/2/2007 6:28:04 AM said:
Another great review. Keep them coming!
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