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 Review of Silver Bullet @ Knotts Berry Farm
0 Rating Posted by: Yoshirule on 6/27/2007 1:48:00 PM
*I have not been on any inverted rides before, and only been on inversions once before on Montezoomas Revenge, so this review may be different than what others think.* Silver Bullet is an amazingly smooth ride. Actually, Silver Bullet is almost too smooth for its own good. On the lift hill the ride looked pretty terrifying; this was my first coaster which was inverted, has twists and corkscrews, or even had loops on a full circuit! At the top of the lift hill the view was very nice even without my glasses which require a strap to ride with. The drop was garbage; I know Jaguar forbids it from dropping steeper and without the turn but the drop was is forceless and boring. GhostRiders drop is far better. However Silver Bullet seems to be a ride based on inversions-not drops- so Ill give it a break. The first loop was pretty fun although I did not get any feeling of being upsidedown the first time because all you see is sky until you get to what seems like a mini drop. Once again I have not ridden inverts so I dont know if this is the norm. The second time I looked around and got a rather nice view of the land inverted. The overbanked curve was decent, but I didnt really care for it much. Now comes the fun part- the cobra roll. I loved this part- the top gave a magnificent feeling of being flying and is the most enjoyable part of the ride. They take your picture right after this. I forgot to view my first but my second was hilarious! I was looking straight down at the ground to get a sense of speed and all you could see was my head. The rolls were enjoyable and smooth as butter. The final helix gave me the only feeling of intenseness on the coaster but after all those inversions it was sort of a ho hum deal. Overall, I would say this was a great roller coaster but it seems slow and lacks intensity. The out of control feeling which I liked on the GhostRider was lacking, and I feel this had a much greater potential. It is not much more than an average ride for me.

UPDATE: Ok, I went to Knotts again today and for some reason Silver Bullet was running extremely fast compared to last time. The forces were much more pronounced and my chest actually hurt for the rest of the day due to the first loop transition. I was having some muscle aches there before, so that might have been it. While I guess it was more fun, the ride was shaking quite a bit compared to last time where it was smooth as silk. I think the 7 rating still applies to this ride, but if someone is reading this I would really want them to comment about if they noticed Silver Bullet running faster.
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