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 Review of Music Express @ Hersheypark
1 Rating Posted by: dantheman2 on 8/8/2006 3:54:00 PM
Since I rode this a couple of times during my last visit to Hershey Park, this would be a cumulative rating combining each of my experiences on the Music Express. This was the first ride of a Himalaya type that I have ever ridden, so I dont have very much to compare it to. I thought that it had a good speed that didnt get me very dizzy, if at all. This ride was DEFINITELY more enjoyable for me when I sat on the left side of the car, while my friend of a smaller size sat on the right. This Music Express not only spins you, but also drops and lifts you up and down small "hills" as you are spinning. When I rode this ride with another friend of mine who was of a larger size than me, I sat on the right side of the car, and he sat on the left. This is the main thing that brought this ride down from an 8 to a 7 for me. Why, you ask? Because, while I was riding on the right side of the car, I was constantly being pulled to the left toward my friend. This turned the ride into more of a "work-out" than a fun experience for me. But this did not make the ride a completely negative experience, and I was still able to enjoy myself. I know that it was not just me who was having this problem because, when my friend of a smaller size was sitting on the right side of the car while I was sitting on the left, I noticed that he was experiencing the same problem. Maybe it was just us, but I highly doubt that. If you do go on this ride, watch out for that right side of the car!

P.S.! If you DO ride with a friend, the rule that Hershey Park made was that, if you are of a larger size than your friend, you must sit on the left side of the car while your friend sits on the right. I would HIGHLY reccomend sitting in a separate car than your friend so that NEITHER of you have to face the nuisance of trying not to smash into each other!
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