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 Review of Whip @ Playland Amusement Park
-7 Rating Posted by: Pasch on 8/1/2006 12:19:00 PM
IT HURT!!!!!!!!

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mrceagle on 8/1/2006 5:46:12 PM said:
perhaps you could elaborate on this a bit. Perhaps you can say why it hurt. or how you could get hurt on a Highly padded ride with only a moderate speed.
adriahna on 8/2/2006 9:12:59 AM said:
Big idiot. Thanks for coasting through the site, down-rating everything outside of large coasters, just for the sake of bringing them down. Your reviews stink - even the favorable ones.
Horizons12 on 8/2/2006 11:24:42 AM said:
Check out the double-shot review Pasch did for Keansburg.
adriahna on 8/2/2006 3:45:15 PM said:
Yes... thats a classic, as well...
mrceagle on 8/2/2006 5:37:51 PM said:
He did the same think to Story lands German Carousel and a few others. he also Rated Joker and X as tens but hasnt review any other rides in the park. I doubt hes even been to the parks hes rating.
adriahna on 8/2/2006 5:58:19 PM said:
Mrceagle, I actually deleted several of his more obnoxious reviews, seeing as how they were clearly bogus - the German Carousel was among those. Im sure hell be thrilled to discover that...
mrceagle on 8/3/2006 12:15:20 PM said:
Thanks for spending the time. Some people seems to have allot of trouble believing that a flat ride or a classic ride could be top rated. in other cases people get so upset that there favorite ride isnt in it that they retaliate. but again thanks for the time concerning all of the reviews.
coasterf42 on 8/23/2006 6:11:04 PM said:
This guy is routinely banned from Coaster-net.com, and that is the least-moderated site I have ever seen. Its a shame that he lurked here for a while.
mrceagle on 8/23/2006 9:23:27 PM said:
weve had people like this since the very beginning. and we will always have some Jerk just hear to drive us nuts and mess wit the ratings.
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