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 Review of Mission: Space (Orange) @ EPCOT
1 Rating Posted by: Swimace on 1/7/2006 10:45:00 AM
Nine or ten, this is tough. Either way this ride was great! It is easily my favorite ride at EPCOT, and in my top three at WDW along with Tower of Terror and Splash Mountain (those top three arent in any particular order, they provide completely different ride experiences so I cant really rank them against each other). The queue was amazing. I was under the impression that newer rides were making less impressive queues because of the Fastpass system, but Mission: Space proved me wrong. The whole scene for the International Training Center was great, and the huge wheel on the wall was very impressive. When you reach the end of the line you are put into one of four pre-show rooms, each pre-show room empties into a different centrifuge. Once in the pre-show you get the basis for the ride (by lieutenant Dan, lol). You are on the first ever manned mission to mars, and its going to be intense. You are assigned into your pod when you enter this pre-show, so from there you enter a large circular hallway that wraps around the ride. This is where the second pre-show takes place (yes, how sweet does a ride have to be to have 2 pre-shows?). At this point you are only standing with the other four people who are in your pod. This is when yu get your position and your assignment. Basically for all of them you just push a couple of buttons when they light up, but it adds to the ride experience to have a level of interaction between you and the other people in your pod, this is a great ride to meet cool new people on. One thing about the pre-ride experience is that you get countless warnings about motion sickness and ride conditions. There is no way you can get on Mission: Space without hearing numerous warnings concerning the nature of the ride. Once in your pod you strap in and get ready for lift-off. This is when the real fun begins. The thing that really impressed me about this ride was the seamlessness with which the Gs are applied. You cannot tell that you are being spun around quickly at all, it feels like youre sitting still and gravity is increasing naturally. All I can say is "Wow". The way the G-Forces are applied doesnt feel anything like a roller coaster, it really feels like gravity is increasing while your pod is at a stand-still. This is where the "jobs" make the ride a little bit more fun. Reviewers have been complaining that the jobs dont really determin the outcome of your mission. Yes, this is true. I think what makes the jobs so much fun is the fact that you have to try to lift your hands up to the control panel in orde to push your buttons. This may sound easy, but the sensation of slowly lifting your hands to push a button is VERY cool, and its even a *little* bit harder than one might expect to aim at a small button while youre experiencing the different sensations. My favorite part of the ride is when you enter Mars atmosphere. This felt like the most intense part of the ride, although the slingshot around the moon was fun too. To me, there are only two downfalls of the ride. First, the zero-G sensation is basically 1G. In other words, its not very convincing. Second, the ending is a little bit lame. Even with these downfalls Ive decided to give this ride a 10, because I think that this is a very well themed Disney experience that really captures the imagination.

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coaster05 on 1/7/2006 12:24:12 PM said:
Wow another fantastic review. I am guessing you had a great trip to Disney World recently.
Swimace on 1/7/2006 3:34:23 PM said:
Thanks. My trip to WDW had its highs and lows. MK kinda sucked but EPCOT and MGM blew me away, theyre my two new favorite Disney parks.
Scott on 1/7/2006 8:40:41 PM said:
Ignore this. Sorry guys.
mrceagle on 1/7/2006 10:36:33 PM said:
Angain a great review. What pushed you off of MK? Just wondering why you didnt like it as much.
Swimace on 1/8/2006 9:38:37 AM said:
Its all in my TR
mrceagle on 1/8/2006 11:59:46 AM said:
Good you got it posted. Ill read that ASAP. Lookign forword to it.
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