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 Review of AtmosFEAR @ Moreys Piers
0 Rating Posted by: Horizons12 on 8/27/2005 11:29:00 PM
All this year I heard "AtmosFEAR coming to Moreys Piers", "A whole new ride experience, coming to Wildwood" and stuff like that. In the lobby of the hotel my family stayed at I picked up a Moreys Piers brochure complete with a photo of AtmosFEAR in front of a stormy background with the car blurring down the tower. At the boardwalk you can see it from anywhere with its multicolored LED light show, occasionally a car will crawl up only to drop like a rock. Do you think the beginning of this review over hypes AtmosFEAR? I bet not as much as Moreys Piers did during the off season!!! This ride was so over hyped that I thought I had already been on it once I got in line for it. The ride is a 140 foot ARM drop tower that can hold 12 people per drop. The ride works by a winch that hoists the car to the top and then releases it, the car stops with the aid of magnetic fin brakes. The trip to the top would be nerve wreaking to most, to me it was just a nice view. It takes about 1 minute and change to reach the top, very slow. Once at the top the car immediately disengages and you fall, reaching about 55 mph or so before slamming into the brakes. This ride is also accompanied with sound effects of thunder as you rise and fall. Before dropping, some fog machines blow out fog and shroud the loading platform from riders. Also there is an overhang above the car that prohibits the rider from seeing if their about to drop. Again, this ride would leave the nerves of any casual rider completely shot. Unfortunately due to the low capacity and high ridership, this has a long line during the night when the crowds are present. All in all, AtmosFEAR was a fun ride because of the anticipation of the drop, the height and the stomach dropping sensation. This was a great addition to a pier park like Moreys Piers.

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Hercules on 8/27/2005 11:38:11 PM said:
Very cool review. You did a nice job of painting the picture. Im not even really interested in getting to this thing. However, you did such a nice job of explaining it that it sounds interesting to say the least. Nice job of persuading me a little bit, eventhough you say it is not that great. You just did such a nice job of explaining what it was like that it at least sounds decent.
Horizons12 on 8/27/2005 11:59:06 PM said:
Thanks for the compliment! Its not great but it definately isnt bad, Im sort of immune to these drop towers now . My sister on the other hand was about to have a heartattack on this for darn sake lol.
Hercules on 8/28/2005 12:13:37 AM said:
Im not a huge fan of drop towers, but the lighting and other effects sound like they add something to the ride and make it a unique experience from the standard towers out there.
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