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 Review of BuzzSaw Falls @ Silver Dollar City
0 Rating Posted by: battleflag on 4/25/2004 10:03:00 PM
i can not believe that this ride is being torn down!

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Waitj786 on 5/23/2004 12:35:30 PM said:
its not bud
tacoking on 5/23/2004 12:47:18 PM said:
Yeah, it is.
Waitj786 on 5/23/2004 1:11:31 PM said:
they are tearing it downn?!?! WHY!!!???
battleflag on 6/29/2004 6:32:12 PM said:
their tearing it down so they can build a launched coaster called powder keg
B&MRULES! on 12/3/2006 4:51:59 PM said:
yo anoumous come out of hiding!
Hercules on 12/3/2006 5:41:49 PM said:
We usually only say that to an anonymous poster that says something really dumb, and we usually dont say that to them a year and a half after they post.
B&MRULES! on 12/3/2006 9:03:57 PM said:
well i got tired so i had to say some thing
B&MRULES! on 12/3/2006 9:04:17 PM said:
besides i dident look at the date till just now
Horizons12 on 12/7/2006 6:25:02 PM said:
Does it really matter?
B&MRULES! on 12/8/2006 10:15:41 PM said:
yes. im tired of always seeing "anamouse" i mean come on!
Horizons12 on 12/9/2006 12:33:36 AM said:
No i mean about the date gap...but what you said too. Well actually that anonymous guy IS mildly annoying.
Hercules on 12/9/2006 12:41:24 AM said:
I know that I sound like a jerk, but I just didnt wanted B&M to know the ground rules around here as many other people can get much more harsh about things like that.
B&MRULES! on 12/9/2006 8:52:34 AM said:
Herc your not a jerk. your cool
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