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 Review of Millennium Force @ Cedar Point
1 Rating Posted by: Axman on 10/4/2003 3:45:00 PM
So much to say about a ride this amazing. One day, in the summer, me, my dad, and my mom decided to experience this masive coaster for our selves. Ill begin with the fact that hotel-goers were allowed access to the park before opening. This provided time out of each day to ride the FORCE before the crowds bombarded the scene. Walking through all of the surplus que line made me feel sorry for those who have waited in line for 3+ hours to ride the ride I will be riding in only five minutes. As I approached the loading dock, I marveled at the stunning archatecture and at the brilliant design and colores of the coaster trains as they were loaded. It was finaly my turn to experience the Milleneum Force my self. As I was being escorted to my seat on the train, I grew more and more excited with each step I took. I then sat down in the increadibly comfortable, Intiman seats and Pulled down the small, insignificant-looking lap bar and prepaired for the ride of my life. The train slowly pulled out of the station as I braced myself for some of the most intense moments I have ever experienced. The climb up the lift hill seemed almost endless, because everything below me kept growing smaller and smaller and smaller. We were nearing the crest of the 310 ft. elevator-cable lift, and I was anticipating an unfathomable amount of excitement. At last, we had made it to peak the lift hill, and my veins were pulsing with an adreanaline rush of thrill and overwhelming enjoyment. The train began to slowly increase speed, and before I knew it, I was jetting down the first mammoth drop of Millenium Force. We were going down so fast, so encreadibly quick, the skin on my face was being ripped back and all vision bacame a blur. It was a fantastic sensation that I had never known before. As soon as we had reached the maximum speed of exactly 93 miles per hour, we descended apon the 2nd incline of the ride. What was intense about the 2nd hill was that it was a highly elevated, 180 dagree, over-banked turn; we nearly turned up-side-down!! Then, we blasted through an underground tunnel that was curved at around 90 dagrees. As soon as the tunnel was over, we climbed up a huge air-time hill; it was an amazing view of the park. Afer returning to earth from the 3rd hill, I realized that we had gone over a body of water and we ended up on an island! On the Island that was being circled around by the Paddlewheel Excrusion boat, We entered what seemed like a mess of trees, grass, and blue, steel track. All I could make out was that there were several curves, 2 inclines, 2 drops, and we ended up leaving the island the same place we had enterd. We were now racing ajacently to the 3rd hill(in the opposite direction) and we were now climbing the 6th hill. this fantastic hill provided a boutiful amount of air time, and a spectacular view of Mantis on the left side of the train. After that final pop of air time, we headed towards an other tunnel curving at 90 dagrees that sent us into the home strech. the long section of track after the 2nd tunnel directed right into a final incline/turn/drop befor plowing into the magneticly-powered brake run. For these reasons, Millenium Force is my #1 steel rollercoaster, and was the most thrilling experience I ever been lucky enough to be blessed with a chance to ride. As soon as the train made its final approach to the laoding and unloading station, only one thing was on my mind: LETS GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Danny on 10/4/2003 8:28:14 PM said:
That pretty much sums it up. Welcome to the site.
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