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 Review of Chang @ Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
0 Rating Posted by: ioaddict33 on 2/25/2001 3:47:00 PM
Didnt like t last year, loved it this year! Fast without being painful, intense without being, well, painful. Basically everything I had complained about before was gone. A very good ride.

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ioaddict33 on 5/15/2001 2:04:13 PM said:
After riding Chang again this past weekend, I retract my comments regarding the ride. I absolutely loved it and its now my favorite stand-up and top 10 material.
hyper1 on 6/8/2001 3:47:41 PM said:
I am curious-what made you change your mind? I only ask because I had a similar experience with MEDUSA at SF Great Adventure-I found it dull and uninteresting the first few times, but after trying a trick-putting my arms and legs out in front of me during the ride-it greatly enhanced the sensations and put MEDUSA in my top ten list. What happened with CHANG that changed your mind?--hyper1
ioaddict33 on 6/10/2001 12:56:53 PM said:
I dont know. It was just a totally different ride this year for me. It was smooth, not quite as intense, which was a good thing; minimal headbanging, it was just a lot of fun.
ThmPrkCrtc on 6/11/2001 3:23:23 PM said:
Hmm, you could update that now btw
ioaddict33 on 6/12/2001 4:40:45 PM said:
All I see are edit comment links, no edit review ones or anything...
ThmPrkCrtc on 6/12/2001 4:55:44 PM said:
You have to go to the actual ride page, itll show up there for ya..
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