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 Review of Avalanche @ Timber Falls Adventure Park
0 Rating Posted by: Beni_Rodriguez on 7/26/2014 7:41:00 PM
Could this be the best smaller sized (2,500 feet or less) in the world? I'm not sure as I haven't been on all of them, but I would certainly put this at the top of my current list! The first time I rode this I found the first drop to be very intense. I felt butterflies in my stomach and it felt very fast. By the way, when you are at the top you can view the entire downtown of Wisconsin Dells and The Mount Olympus Park. The rest of the ride has intense airtime and the turns are great too! I rode this at night when it had rained. I was very naive as I didn't think we could ride Hellcat when the track was wet. It had stopped raining and I had ( 2 ) of my ( 5 ) rides left. I asked the operator if we could get on and to my amazement we could! I have never felt such an exciting and smoothe ride as I did that night. It is something I have chased every since. I am sure a day will come when I will find out there will be scattered showers in the Dells and I'll just drive up there and enjoy one of the best coasters, when wet, in the world!
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