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 Review of Viper @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
0 Rating Posted by: chang on 5/23/2012 2:19:00 PM
What can I say? I love Viper. Maybe it was those days years back watching a VHS of America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills and seeing Ron Toomer go through the design of the ride with a coat hanger and calling it a "high speed ride all the way." I don't know, but Viper is almost always saved as my last ride of the day, and may in fact be my favorite steel coaster in the park. But let me say it, give it more than one shot. My first trip on Viper was fun but a bit painful, and I've learned how best to use the OTS restraints and keeping my head back, I have none of the head banging issues some complain of. The first drop is pretty cool as you get to the top of the lift hill you look out and see no more track, unless you look to your left of course, but it's a great feeling that makes you feel like you are about to drop off into nothing but the desert in front of X2. Then you dive to the left and you're in for a number of inversions, first up a rather high (once record breaking) and tight loop. By the time you hit a couple more loops and head into the brake run even the most seasoned rider may find their head a bit dizzy, the brakes being a nice albeit quick break from the action. The cobra roll is a cool sight and is next on your agenda before you hit those wonderful back to back corkscrews you've seen on so much SFMM merchandise over the years. The tops of those corkscrews offer as good of airtime as a mega looper will allow, a real highlight. It's slithering track certainly earns itself the 'Viper' name, though no other theming adds to this element, and you dive underneath the life hill to come into the final brake run. The lines are short, the ride isn't the smoothest but certainly not bad for a 7-inversion Arrow ride, and it certainly, as Mr. Toomer put it, is a high speed ride all the way through. Also, check out films like "True Romance" and "Encino Man" for cameos from the ride.
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