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 Review of El Toro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
-1 Rating Posted by: danibellerika on 9/7/2009 12:40:00 AM
After about a good 6-7 years, I finally made my way back to Six Flags in 2006 when this ride was just about to open, however it wasn't quite open yet. They were still dummy-testing. I wasn't bothered because I was thinking that Kingda Ka would be all I needed. Boy would I soon learn that'd be wrong. I finally got to ride it in '07, but it was in the middle of the train. I thought it was fabulous then, but I finally got back to SFGA this weekend and let me say, it's more incredible that I thought. We waited a bit longer to ride it in the front and it definitely didn't disappoint. On the first drop, it is so steep that you can't even see the end of the track until you're right up on it! It was so exciting. This ride maintains top speed all the way through, with unsuspected twists and turns to boot. The airtime is amazing too. Furthermore, the name is completely perfect because you literally feel like you are on a bull and towards the end you experience these S-twists that make it feel like the bullfighter is furiously whipping his flag from right to left to right. It is relentless to the end! The park was not that crowded so we got to ride it 3 times! The first time was in the front, but the other two were in the back. The back is even BETTER. You can feel the pull there like no other part of the train. It also felt faster for me. That's how you can tell you have yourself a true roller coaster. It just gets BETTER the more times you ride it! Kingda Ka is great. Nitro is awesome and it was my fave...until this. Definitely my favorite ride ever and I can't wait to ride it again next season. I still merely WATCH the ride in awe. I love its unique sound as it whizzes past. I love seeing the excited or terrified faces of the riders going by as I wait my turn in line. An angry bull indeed. The structure of the coaster is also amazing. I just watch in awe the beauty of its architecture. The steep climb and even steeper drop are intimidating. Any adrenaline junky would get their fix here at a level even Kingda Ka can't provide. The sheer consistency of its speed and power sets it apart from the rest. Intamin knows how to make a coaster!! It's to the point now where I feel like if Kingda Ka were broken for a extended period of time, I'd still go to the park. However if El Toro were to be broken down, I'd hold off until it was running again. Get your butt to Jersey as soon as you can to experience this magnificent ride! To be honest, this is the best Six Flags on the east coast to me anyway, so it's worth it for the overall experience.
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