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 Review of Virtual Space Mountain @ Disney Quest
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 9/5/2008 9:32:00 PM
Of all of DisneyQuest’s attractions, Cyber Space Mountain certainly was the one I had anticipated the most. Essentially this would have been my dream ride as a kid, designing massive, demonic creations of Roller Coaster Tycoon wishing I could ride them. Well Disney really outdid themselves by creating such a cool concept combining a thrilling coaster simulator with tracks personally built by yourself. Such a concept would certainly be challenging to execute, but this attraction certainly delivers as advertised in typical Disney fashion. Prior to riding, I had heard nightmarish comments regarding the lines for this being quite sizeable. Thankfully lines were nonexistent for this during my visit, which is a definite plus. The creation

Once reaching Cyber Space Mountain, you can choose to either ride a pre-constructed coaster or instead create one of your own. I highly recommend creating your own masterpiece since that way you can add elements that you really want to experience. Guided by Bill Nye, building the coaster is a cinch, using a touch screen and buttons to select a wide variety of generic pieces such as drops, hills, helixes, loops, and standard elements like that. But after each track segment is an option to construct a special piece, which usually is either a fancy inversion or turning maneuver. There is a limit of track though (10,000ft), but there’s plenty of room to make a ride jam-packed with thrills for thrill-seekers, or tame enough for the gentler. Upon finishing my designs, I saved it on a pre-given card and immediately went on over to the simulator section to ride.

There seemed to be a large number of simulators, but again capacity wasn’t really a problem during my visit. Just like the similar attraction I experienced a year before at Krazy City in New York, the simulator was pretty cramped in my opinion and the restraints are very tight, and due to the design of the restraints it can be a tad painful on thighs. However, I became immune to the pain a few seconds after it went down so it really didn’t hamper my ride experience. As for the simulator, the inversions were incredible. They far and away were the best part of the attraction since there was a ton of hang-time and the air effects really made the loops seem just like ones on real roller coasters. However, the other elements such as drops and turns honestly did nothing for me and were pretty boring. Also, I definitely praise the ride on its graphics and they really looked quite nice and gave a really good sense of speed. I only rode this twice, but had a blast both times experiencing my thrilling creations, the Atomic Banshee and the Jolly Trolley, with the latter being my prized creation, a thrilling coaster through space complete with 8 inversions!

Despite how it’s named after my favorite Disney coaster, it just doesn’t compare, but it certainly is a good ride in its own right. I loved how I could design my own coaster and then ride it, but the problem with the simulator in my opinion is that other than inversions, the elements really don’t offer any real thrill. Thrill seekers definitely should utilize inversions any opportunity they get when constructing their coasters since they are the only elements that provide any thrill and excitement. Anyway while really fun and far and away the park’s most thrilling (and only thrilling) attraction, I honestly liked Pirates and Buzz Lightyear better since they were just all-around more enjoyable rides in my opinion. However, this thrilling, hang-time filled attraction is certainly well worth experiencing thanks to its uniqueness.
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