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 Review of Aladdins Magic Carpet Ride @ Disney Quest
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 9/5/2008 8:15:00 AM
As a child I always envied Aladdin. Why? Because he can fly on his magic carpet essentially whenever he wants, which is probably the next best thing to a roller coaster. DisneyQuest has certainly probably fulfilled some kids dreams with this Aladdin-based attraction, but did it bring back memories of my dreams as a kid flying high above Agrabah. Simply put, NO!

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet is one of those virtual reality attractions meaning riders are required to don those heavy VR helmets. I personally really despised them since they were just so heavy on my head and also very uncomfortable. In my opinion, this attraction would have been far better if there was just a normal video screen in front of riders. Thankfully when I hopped on this it was a walk-on, but at other points during my visit it had pretty significant waits compared to other attractions at DisneyQuest due to it operating at half capacity during my visit.

The whole premise of the attraction is weird. In order to defeat Jafar, players must fly around Agrabah using their magic carpet collecting magical gems in order to defeat him. Honestly though, I found the plot confusing since the audio quality of the helmets was definitely lacking and muffled for me. Steering was a challenge for a majority of my ride, only with about 30 seconds left did I finally gain full control of the carpet, which definitely hampered my ride experience. Lastly I have a comment on the graphics. I know that the attraction probably hasn’t been redone since opening ten years ago, but the graphics really are too overly simplistic and an embarrassment in my opinion.

If you haven’t been able to tell from my review, this ride was a massive disappointment. From the uncomfortable helmets to a poorly-executed concept, Aladdin was just a failure in essentially all aspects in my opinion. While others may enjoy this type of attraction, it just was a massive let down for me and I probably would never experience this attraction again, even if it were a walk-on. It was just that horrible for me.
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