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 Review of Sky Princess @ Dutch Wonderland
0 Rating Posted by: phoenix on 8/5/2008 10:38:00 PM
This year was the first I&#39.ve visited Dutch Wonderland in 10 years. I went with three other adults and two 6 and 7 year old boys. I rode the Sky Princess as a kid and loved it. It was by far my favorite ride in the park and seeing that I&#39.ve turned out to be a coaster fanatic, that really isn&#39.t surprising, especially since it was the ONLY coaster in the park. I don&#39.t remember its old paint job, but since I like colors, I am always fascinated when a coaster is painted out of the ordinary colors. The blue and purple paint job made me feel like I was in Mister Rogers&#39. neighborhood! This year, the coaster was not open until lunch time, and I don&#39.t know why. But as we ate lunch in our scorching hot car, we were excited to see the train reach the top of its 50-some foot chainlift, travel around the corner and disappear behind the trees as it went down its first hill. We were even more excited when we saw some people on the train! (For the adults, this was the highlight of our trip!) I rode in the front seat and the back seat. Even for a small coaster, the back seat delivers a rough ride. The front seat is thrilling and smooth. There are really no major drops, just a lot of twists, turns, and bunny hills that cushion your tush with kid-sized doses of air. It does have more speed than I thought it would and it delivered more of a thrill than I expected. The helix at the end had decent g-forces, too. I like the name Sky Princess better than its new name, Kingdom Coaster, though. I do think this is a good little coaster that will get kids started on finding out what an ACE is all about!
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