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 Review of Montu @ Busch Gardens Tampa
1 Rating Posted by: Steve NY on 5/1/2008 9:29:00 PM
Montu was a pretty big disappointment for me. Whenever the question of what the best invert is gets asked, this always gets mentioned at or near the top. However, they must not have encountered the menacing trims I encountered during my rides. Let me say this though, the theming is breathtaking, especially the trenches in the second half that are filled with footchoppers. Well, the first drop was quite good, but Alpies is better and the first vertical loop was extremely forceful. Afterwards was a long tunnel where I really felt the rides speed and then came the absolutely insane Immelman. This might be the single most intense invert element Ive experienced and afterwards there was an excellent zero-G roll with amazing hang-time. Now you may be wondering, why am I praising a ride that I said was ruined by trims? Well, heres where Montu goes downhill. A sudden, and I mean sudden trim, absolutely kills the batwing making it forceless for me. Oh and guess what was next, a MCBR that killed the trains speed even more. Then came a very uneventful final half with forceless inversions and helixes, but like I said earlier, the trenches were pretty good. Thanks to the theming and the insane first few inversions, Montu was a pretty good coaster, but it wasnt outstanding thanks to the dang trims.

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fergusonat on 7/28/2008 10:27:04 PM said:
I'.m sorry to hear you caught Montu on an off-day It is well-deserving of all its accolades when the trims are more forgiving. I guess I was pretty lucky to have gotten 2 or 3 virtually-trimless rides
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