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 Review of SheiKra @ Busch Gardens Tampa
1 Rating Posted by: shag9004 on 4/17/2008 10:43:00 PM
Date Ridden: January of 2007 and 2008. Times Ridden: 4 Ok, I admit it. I love gimmick coasters. There..I said it and I feel better. I love Top Thrill Dragster and Xcelerator, Dueling Dragons, and now Shiekra and Griffon. Keep in mind that although these are rides that I absolutely love, they will in no way crack my top 10. Let me explain. When visiting theme parks I prefer coaster rides to anything else there (except maybe the potato patch fries in Kennywood). I love rides like the Raven, Ozark Wildcat, and Thunderhead. My favorites are obviously the large steel hypers and the new modern day marvel woodies. But I also enjoy the "thrill" rides that are present at each park. I personally, even though I defintely recognize the rides listed above (TTD, DD, etc.) as coasters, I dont prefer (or rank them) as coaster per se. For example, I would give TTD a rank of 10 since it is an experience like I have never before faced. However, I would prefer to ride Appollos Chariot or Nitro even though I would rank them as 9s because I consider them more as "true coasters". Everybody got it now? I didnt think so but at least it makes since to me. Shiekra scores in the 9 range because its gimmick (90 degree 200 foot drop) is totally unbelievable. Who cares about the rest of the ride after that drop which totally takes your breath away? The ride has other redeeming qualities such as the drop off the mid-course brakes and the Immelman but this ride is all about the first drop. I have been privileged to ride this thing with the floor and without and can say that I prefer it floorless. And keep in mind, regardless of what the ride ops say, the front row is still the best. You are not riding Shiekra for airtime or laterals, you are riding for the view and the best view by far is up front. When riding make sure you get a front seat, pererably on one of the ends. Those seats make for a much better experience. Also keep in mind, that Shiekra is the most popular coaster in the park. Montu is a much better coaster and is only a 10-15 minute wait while you may be waiting 30-45 minutes (or even longer) for Shiekra due to its being the newest ride in the park. Please check out my review of Griffon if you get a chance. It contains some more of my opinions on these dive coasters which are among my favorite amusment park rides. Shiekra gets a very solid 9 and ranks only slightly below Griffon overall due to its lack of single rider llne and overall themeing. It is a wonderful experience that will leave you breathless the first time you get on it and hang over the edge waiting to drop. Its all about the dive baby!!!
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