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 Review of Garfields Nightmare @ Kennywood
0 Rating Posted by: psu_dude on 1/30/2008 2:15:00 PM
I guess I just dont understand the couple vicious reviews posted below on this one. Garfields Nightmare might not be the crowning jewel of dark rides, but you know what? It kept a classic ride alive for a new generation of park-goers to enjoy. There is no way, in my mind, that this ride is worthy of a 1. The rides the same Old Mill, now with some cheesy Garfield scenery. On my recent trip to Kennywood, we took my 6 year old nephew with us, and just seeing him have a blast on this made me a proud and happy uncle. And that is what this ride is all about - having a dark ride that everyone can enjoy together. It is relaxing, and has a neat story that kids especially will enjoy. Heres to Kennywood for revitalizing a dying classic.

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skifast22 on 2/2/2008 10:13:15 AM said:
I havent been on this ride since the Garfield conversion, but found your review spot on. One of my best days last summer was taking my 4 y/o neice to her first amusement park (Canobie Lake) and enjoying some of the rides that meant so much to me as a kid with her.
tauren_man on 3/20/2008 11:01:49 PM said:
Dont get me wrong, its nice that they redid the Old Mill. The reason I gave it such a low rating is that I hate what they did to it. You see, Old Mill and Gold Rusher were in a sense... quiet. They were quiet, and dark, and kind of charming in that sense. During "dark" parts between scenes, you could relax, scratch your back, neck w/ your girlfriend, etc. However, in contrast, there is no point during Garfields where there isnt loud obnoxious music, neon Pepsi cans and bags of Fritos, and other such stuff. So to say, this version tries (and succeeds) at appealing mostly to younger riders through stimulating the sense at all times, whereas the aforementioned dark rides that no longer exist appealed to more older riders, or ones who are into that kind of stuff, in that they were quiet, and simple. I often get the feeling that they overdid things on this one.
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