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 Review of Double Loop @ Geauga Lake
1 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 1/28/2008 5:30:00 PM
It seems that many people werent a big fan of Double Loop, but I thought that it was pretty good. Its interesting to think about what the buzz was back in 1977 when this coaster debuted, and how far things have come since then. Anyway, considering its age, Double Loop was not very rough at all, with maybe only one spot of noticeable bumpiness. Certainly nothing like that abominable boomerang clone in the park. This coaster had a neat look to it to me, with a western looking station and a surprise little tunnel before the lift hill. I didnt experience any wait for this either, so that was a plus.

While not overly thrilling, the layout itself for Double Loop wasnt too bad. After the slow lift climb, there was a pretty decent drop with some airtime in the back, followed by a high turnaround and another fairly good drop. The 2 loops were surprisingly smooth, although not very forceful. The ride wrapped up with a ho-hum helix, which was probably the "roughest" part of the ride. I always had a good time on this coaster, and to me its neat to ride some of these older creations that, in their prime, were considered cutting edge thrill machines. As it was, the thrill on Double Loop had subsided, but what was left was a somewhat nostalgic, fun little steel looper that was always worth a ride.
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