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 Review of Head Spin @ Geauga Lake
1 Rating Posted by: PhantomNik on 1/25/2008 5:42:00 PM
On paper, to be perfectly honest, I like the concept behind the Boomerang coaster. Riding backwards, especially through inversions, is pretty unique and thrilling. Unfortunately for us, Vekoma pumped out so many of these blasted things that Ive got to wonder if they just werent real careful on every single installation, because some of them just track like crap. Case in point - Head Spin at Geauga Lake. I will give them credit that the name is appropriate enough, because most times your head feels like it is spinning after the assault it takes on this thing!

It wasnt all bad though, and for the most part I tend to enjoy some of the better boomerangs out there. The lift up and first forward drop was actually pretty good on Head Spin, but the cobra roll was rough as hell. The vertical loop was just ok forwards, then its up the other lift. Going backwards down the drop and vertical loop is definitely the "highlight" for me, but then came that cobra roll in reverse - sweet jesus, that part was abismally rough!! I felt like my head was in some maniacal tennis match back and forth on the restraints. Thats what pulls this coaster down into ride fodder territory. In fact, the backwards drop and vertical loop save this thing from ending up in the dreadful 1-2 range. As it was, Head Spin was just incredibly below average, with "meh" thrills, an awful "we just plopped this here" setting, and some pretty bad head bashing. Shoot, maybe thats what they should have called this thing - Head Bash.
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