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 Review of Rebel Yell @ Kings Dominion
0 Rating Posted by: Princess on 9/21/2007 9:21:00 PM
Rebel Yell is a very fun coaster and the best ride at Paramount that I went on. Running alongside the back of the park, Rebel Yell looks badly in need of a new coat of paint. I have never had a wait for Rebel Yell thanks to its amazing capacity. Now I know Rebel Yell has two different sides, but I only went on the forwards side (still have not and probably wont try the backwards way because it looks way too intense for me). My favorite seat like always is the front. Rebel Yell was very good. The drops were fun and the ride seemed very fast to me. Also, the tunnel at the end is a nice touch. However, I have two complaints about Rebel Yell. One it was a tad jostly (if thats a word) at the bottom of the larger hills. It wasnt enough to ruin my ride certainly, but it was there. Also, the racing element wasnt nearly as good as the one I experienced on Lightning Racer a year before (trains finished quite a few seconds between each other). Still, I definitely like racing coasters better than the average coaster. Though often overshadowed by the newer steel coasters and two other wooden coasters, Rebel Yell still is a worthy ride and one of my favorites.
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