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 Review of Batman The Ride @ Six Flags Great America
0 Rating Posted by: Ooh Sexy on 8/25/2007 4:01:00 PM
When you think about Six Flags, the coaster you probably think of is Batman. A staple at the Six Flags parks, Batman is recognized by both coaster enthusiasts and the general public alike as an intense, thrilling ride. The first one to ever grace the world is this one at Great America. Even though the height is nothing to gawk over, height is definitely NOT a problem with this masterpiece. Its bright yellow track winds above the queue line as screaming passengers take their ride on the caped crusader. The queue is an experience in itself, with some pretty decent theming to watch while you wait in line. A crashed police car, a sewage passage, the batcave, all excellent. Strap yourself in, youre in for one incredible ride.

After the ride ops check you, they give the clear and youre out the door. Going up the lift hill excitement builds as you anticipate the ride. Youre already at the top and youre turning and zooming down the marvelous drop and into one of the best loops I have ever experienced. Your feet start to tingle after that intense inversion and youre upside down again whipping through the barrel roll. Your face pushes back into the seat as you go through yet another intense loop. After going through that you turn and keep on turning and the ride finally lets up for just a second as it goes through a straight piece of track but before you can breathe youre going through a perfect corkscrew. Whipping you through it you scream in either delight or pleasure and you turn, drop down a little bit, and hits you again with another one. After that you glide into the station. Short but sweet. To give you an idea on how nonstop this ride is, my mom got sick on this and had to sit down for about 10 minutes and she was ok on Top Thrill Dragster! The first inverted coaster and still one of the best. Go ride one of these at a Six Flags near you.
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