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 Review of Supreme Scream @ Knotts Berry Farm
2 Rating Posted by: Yoshirule on 8/11/2007 12:30:00 PM
After Xcelerator I felt pretty confident and decided to take on Supreme Scream. This was my first drop ride above 20 feet! When I looked up at it, Supreme Scream looks large, but not huge. At the top the view changed my mind. The ride operators were loading pretty fast and the ride cycles obviously were also quick. My one complaint is that the ride operators choose your seat. However I suppose the ride might move a little faster because of this so Ill give it a break. The ride to the top was very fun, but when I saw my height I was pretty afraid, not of the height but of what this drop would be like. A nice kid sitting next to me told me that it would be 5 seconds sitting at the top giving me time to prepare. I had no idea of the launching power this had! My shoulders flew up into the restraints for about half the fall giving an awesome airtime sensation. The second half (or more accurately the last third or so of the falling space), was more fun for me offering a free fall sensation. My stomach had that weird fun feeling that just isnt possible without pure free fall. The end pulls some good gs which squashed my head into my neck and we bounced up again. The small drop makes a good time to catch your breath and remind your heart to keep beating, but not much else. Something that was fun about this ride was that even after the ride I still felt some of that adrenaline rush which for some reason was absent on the rest of the rides. Overall this is a great ride. Not the best in the park; I give that title to Xcelerator, but still a worthy ride.
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