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 Review of Psycho-Drome @ Canobie Lake Park
-1 Rating Posted by: MJack on 7/21/2007 5:16:00 PM
Way better than the average scrambler. The lights give it a totally different feel than other rides. You get the feel of the speed without its fear.

Things that have changed since King Yoshi described it incredibly well:
The fog machine and strobe lights arent being used anymore and there is a light over the instructors booth that is so bright that it lights up half the track (dont ask them to shut it off, they get grumpy).

Third Update: Forget everything you knew about the Psychodrome. The ride is entirely lit up now. The screams of "SHUT THE LIGHTS OFF!" are louder than the rides crappy techno soundtrack. It is a bit depressing to ride. All the operators of it look and sound suicidal. A scrambler is a good ride and this is a better one. If we can remember that instead of what this ride used to be than well be alright.

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mrceagle on 7/21/2007 8:08:36 PM said:
Welcome to the site. but perhaps you can give some reasoning to why its better. Readers may not know the details of this ride.
MJack on 7/24/2007 1:39:22 AM said:
Canobie Coaster on 7/24/2007 8:26:53 AM said:
Oh man! No more fog or strobe lights! At least it is still very fast.
mrceagle on 7/24/2007 11:12:13 AM said:
The fog is still used but not on a constance basses. Its also a newer system. its more of a haze as apposed to a thick fog that only allows you to see the car at the last moment. The strobes have not been used in a while now. Which is strange because the Strobes are still in the ride and apparently work.
Canobie Coaster on 7/24/2007 3:48:34 PM said:
I didnt notice the strobes being in the ride at all last time I rode. Ill look for them next time I had this.
mrceagle on 7/25/2007 12:13:43 AM said:
There hard to see since there scattered bulbs on the walls of the dome.
Canobie Coaster on 7/25/2007 9:45:53 PM said:
Usually Im having too much fun to notice the small details like that.
mrceagle on 7/25/2007 11:40:08 PM said:
Thats not necessarily a bad thing.
MJack on 7/30/2007 11:15:45 PM said:
As of yesterday:
Fog machine is not even in there anymore. The lunch tray it used to sit on is still there so maybe planning to fix it and bring it back. But I didnt see it in use all season so doubt its a top priority at all. The fog probably wont come back.
mrceagle on 7/31/2007 12:53:41 AM said:
it was on my last trip but that was a couple months ago. personally with the new Lighting system the fog doesnt add much.
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