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 Review of Pippen/Thunderbolt @ Kennywood
2 Rating Posted by: ginzo on 5/29/2007 4:29:00 PM
Thunderbolt is my favorite coaster at Kennywood, and one of the finest ancient woodies still chugging out cycles today. First off, I give Kennywood major credit for running this coaster with a buzzbar and no seat belts. Contemporary restrains would ruin this ingenius little coaster. Furthermore, the sign stating that any would-be Tamar Fellners will be prosecuted is just awesome. Idiots should not, but usually do ruin the fun for everyone.
The Thunderbolt, as others have said, is like no other woodie you have experienced. The layout confounded me as I studied it while waiting in line for the Phantoms Revenge. I really thought little of the ride before I got the pleasure of riding it. Thunderbolt excels at two things: dropping and turning. The drops hit harder than nearly anything out there, especially when taken from the back seat with your hands in the air. A few of the drops gave me that awesome "Oh crap, Im going to fall out and die" sensation that I just love. So, ride in the back and dont hold on during the drops. The unbanked curves on this ride force the rider on the right side of the train into the left side rider. This is why the smaller rider enters first; to avoid crushing the small person in the turns. This probably sounds painful, but its more wild and fun than anything else.
Thunderbolt also features some of the most attractive trains I have ever laid eyes upon. Theyre rare 4-car NAD trains with a retro futuristic theme that I just love. Think 1950s cartoons about the wonderful automated future and youre close to the conception of these trains.
In closing Thunderbolt is easily the best retro woodie that I have experienced. I dont think its quite a 10-level ride because it could use some airtime hills. This isnt a huge deal because the ride experience is excellent, but it does rule a perfect score out for me.

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hrrytraver on 5/29/2007 7:43:23 PM said:
well, ginzo is bringing some love to t-bolt. this ride has taken a few nicks on this site - some reasonably voiced and others not. but i personally think this ride is magical - the setting perched up over the river, the amazing trains, the buzz bars, the up close and personal lats in the spagetti bowl, gut wrenching final drop - they all combine to make this ride lush and nostalgic, and also really just fun on top of it all. ginzo, for more righteous oldies please get to knoebels and give the phoenix a ride, then go to CI and hop on the cyclone. phoenix may be the most fun one can have on a coaster and the cyclone is just flat out berzerk and mind-boggling.
ginzo on 5/29/2007 10:16:43 PM said:
Im going to hit Knoebels either in July or August. I hope they get the Flying Turns up and running by then, but Im not holding my breath on that. Mr. Fetterman bets on the tortoise to win the race.
Timberman on 5/29/2007 10:34:39 PM said:
Besides all the nostalgia stuff, which I wont hold against it, I really do think T-Bolt offers a unique and excellent ride experience. Its weird, but it works ... and then some.
tauren_man on 7/6/2007 11:13:07 AM said:
Gee, hrrytraver, I hope you werent referring to me when you said unreasonable...
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