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 Review of Desert Storm @ Castles N Coasters
0 Rating Posted by: chang on 4/4/2007 1:51:00 AM
I laugh as I see the piece of crap Patriot has a higher rating than this ride. I have to give this ride props because its the closest thing we have to a thrill ride in AZ really, and that some years back it was the first coaster with inversions I had ridden (ok, I didnt have many choices there). But its a fairly smooth ride (fairly) and its pretty comfortable and smooth. The line is always long though, and annoying 13 year olds (no offense to the cool ones that age, I know some of you are out there) fill the park daily. Its ok, the best we have around, but Id say drive to Vegas or Cali or anywhere with decent coasters a few hours away to get real thrills.
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