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 Review of Looper @ Knoebels
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 10/7/2006 12:52:00 PM
The Looper was an entertaining ride providing lots of looping and a work-out too. Located on part of the old Whirlwind site in the back left side of the park, the Looper is one of Knoebels newest rides. Restored excellently, the Looper has the new Flying Turns sitting behind it. Also, there are some trees surrounding the ride. With bright orange and navy colored wheels, each of the Loopers wheels seat two people. Because of its low capacity and one of Knoebels newest rides, it had a 15 minute wait when I rode it. Often single riders can move through the line quickly to pair up with another single rider. Before you board the Looper a friendly employee instructs you on how you control the wheels. Taking a while to load and unload, you sit facing the other rider. You are restrained by a strong seatbelt at the lap. Once the ride begins you have to follow the operators instructions. When you are told to begin rocking, you have to shift your weight with the other rider to rock the wheels. It was somewhat difficult to rock at first, but once you got it going it was easy. Soon you are told that you can use the foot pedal which allows your wheel to go upside-down. To use the foot-pedal you have to push down hard on it. Once my wheel started looping it continued for the rest of the ride. It was exciting and there were many loops. The only downside was there was some slight discomfort when you hurled around the loop. You get a good ride cycle with tons of looping. Overall, an excellent ride that also provides a work-out and gets the riders involved. Only those who dont mind going upside-down should ride the looper and it was one of Knoebels best rides.
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