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 Review of Backlot Stunt Coaster @ Kings Dominion
2 Rating Posted by: coasterf42 on 7/16/2006 6:25:00 PM
This is a good coaster. Its boarder line to being a great coaster, but its not quite there, so I give it a seven. Let me start off by sayng that my only ride was on a middle seat at night which deffinitely effected my opinion on the ride but Im not sure if it would be better or worse in the day. But, I will judge it strictly based off of my night-time experience. First of all the ride opps were outstanding and they were using 3 trains-the only coaster in PKD to use three yesterday I believe. I had what looked like a huge wait, but it was only a half an hour. (9:15-9:45) Now the ride: They launched you strait from the station with no build up or gimmicky countdowns which was good (at least time wise). The launch wasnt really powerful but it seemed to start slow and then get faster a bit. Then came the most surprising element at all: A sharp turn that produced FABULOUS lateral Gs! Now remember I could not see because it was dark, but I believe this element was in a dark tunnel anyway. Talk about a surprise; I were straped in so tight I couldnt believe I felt so many forces. After riding I have figured that this element was one of the "hairpin turns" that the ads are talking about up here. Then the train entered the upward double helix which was surprisingly fast, but lost a lot of speed towards the top (as expected). I believe next came the small airtime hills which were alright but I was strapped in a bit too far to get a lot of floating. Then I believe the train stops and the helicopter scene happens. That was pretty cool, the effects more than the visuals and deffinitely was enhanced by the night. Then came the GREAT explosion (fire effects) that heated us up and deffinitely sent a chill down my spine. Then came the second launch which kind of felt faster than the first as expected but was about the same. None of the launches blew you away but they certainly werent all that poor either. The rest of the ride consists of a few more lateral G moments, a drop through the billboard, and a few more turns. All in all it was a GREAT surprise. The themeing was top notch (allthough I was expected a little more queue line themeing), the ride was fairly fast and intense, had flat out incredible lateral Gs, and it may be the smoothest coaster Ive ever ridden! I couldnt believe how many good things I heard about IJTC throughout the day, but they all came full circle when I rode it. It was deffinitely a unique experience and I would probably take IJTC ahead of over half the coasters at PKD. I would like to see the ride have more of an actual story behind it. It would be nice if the TVs in the queue line had actual Italian Job related things in it (not advertizing new Paramount Movies like it does), or for the line to have some separate themeing in general, but overall the themeing was very well done and pretty believeable. The Mini Coopers and especially the "doors" that you had to close in order to ride were also a real nice touch. If you are at PKD and are discouraged to ride because of the line, it seems to move VERY quickly especially if they are still useing three trains. Overall this is a very strong coaster and almost lands in my top ten. I cant believe Im saying this but LONG LIVE ITALIAN JOB TURBO COASTER!
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