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 Review of Rudys Rapid Transit @ Santas Village
0 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/27/2005 7:21:00 PM
Rudys Rapid Transit is a fun family coaster that happened to be my first roller coaster. Located to the far right side of the park, Rudys Rapid Transit Coaster anchors the area. With green track and a very long 20 car train, Rudys Rapid Transit Coaster is a Zierer Large Tivoli coaster. The 40 seat red train has a comfortable lap bar restraint for the entire train, with Rudolphs head at the front of the train. Because of the rides very high capacity, Rudys Rapid Transit Coaster is always a walk-on. First timers might want the front seat, while the more daring people would enjoy the back. Once the ride begins, you slowly ascend a 26ft tall lift hill. Because of the length of the train, the front is almost all the way at the bottom before the back is off the lift hill. That creates some very powerful laterals on the way down the curved first drop to the ground. Afterwards, you quickly charge up a curved hill and back down another curved drop and around a fast, banked turn low to the ground. You then travel around a few more small drops and tight turns very low to the ground. Best of all, you get two circuits on Rudys Rapid Transit Coaster. Overall, a very fun family coaster that riders of all ages will enjoy. Ill give this one an extra point for running 2 circuits and being my first coaster. This is Santas Villages only roller coaster and its fun so I recommend this ride to anyone who enjoys roller coasters. For children this is a good starter roller coaster.
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