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 Review of Jungle Funhouse @ Yorks Wild Kingdom
1 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/27/2005 3:34:00 PM
Fun houses are often renowned as a truly, classic amusement park attraction, as while incredibly simply in design, they are incredibly enjoyable generally thanks to their wide array of elements. Nowadays, fun houses are a dying breed pretty much anywhere outside of the fair circuits, but York’s thankfully isn’t following this trend, as they’re home to two very unique and enjoyable fun houses in the Persian Kamel and Jungle Fun Houses. This review deals with the better of the two- the Jungle Fun House.

Let me start of by saying that this fun house simply looks great from the exterior. Sporting a solid green paint job and scattered with various murals on its facade, the attraction really captures the overall feel of a jungle and definitely looks appealing, more so than any other fun house I’ve been on. I especially love the towering, King-Kong-esque gorilla that definitely looks menacing and unique, a very nice touch. Add in no lines ever existing, and the Jungle Fun House has the recipe for success, and trust me, the ride delivers.

Once entering the fun house, I was treated to arguably the most diverse and unique fun house I’ve ever experienced. First comes a delightful rocking “shaking room,” where there’s so much movement that it feels like an earthquake is coming. Afterwards comes my favorite part. Terrorized by the aforementioned gorilla, the following section consists of a simply room which contains a winding path. However, while negotiating this narrow path, the room is gently swaying from side-to-side, which makes the room surprisingly challenging to navigate.

Afterwards comes the very unique second half, which honestly is more of a traditional walkthrough than a fun house. Really, the second half just consists of a long, dark passageway complete with plenty of spooky images illuminated along the walls. While certainly quirky, it works very well and definitely was enjoyable. Afterwards comes a very shocking surprise that always gets me by my unawares, and a great barrel finale that’s just as good as any barrel on any other fun house I’ve been on.

The Jungle Fun House simply is one of the best fun houses I’ve ever been on. So how good is it? Right now it reigns second on my personal list of top fun houses behind Fiesta’s Earthquake Fun House, my all-time favorite childhood fun house. Still, this fun house’s uniqueness and execution definitely makes it the better of the park’s two fun houses. My only complaint with this stems from the park’s maintenance of this, as on some of my visits not all of the elements have been operational, namely the shaking room or the barrel, which both detract from the ride. One can not even consider missing one of the most unique attractions out there in a visit to York’s.
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