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 Review of Matterhorn @ Canobie Lake Park
-1 Rating Posted by: Canobie Coaster on 7/26/2005 4:12:00 PM
Wow! This is by far the greatest himalaya I have ever been on. Located to the right of the main entrance near the front of the park, the Matterhorn is by far the best, fastest, and most intense himalaya I have ever been on. Looking like a standard Flying Bobs himalaya, the Matterhorn has a snowy theme. Attracting teens, Matterhorn generally has a 5-10 minute wait because of its high capacity. Also, some of the wait is caused by the ride taking a long time to load and check the restraints. Sadly, the Matterhorn doesnt have music playing during the ride when Ive been on it slightly lessening the ride experience. As for the ride, this is by far the best himalaya I have been on. This himalaya travels much faster than any other himalaya I have been on, going 16rpm. Even better, because of the Matterhorns intense and wild speed, it swings more wildly than any other himalaya I have been on. You swing out greater than 90 degrees making for one great ride. Sadly, the ride doesnt run backwards because of how rapidly it travels. Also, unfortunately it gives a short ride, but its satisfying. Overall, the greatest himalaya I have ever been on, but too bad its beeing removed because the sweeps cracked. Any himalaya fan would have enjoyed it.
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