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 Review of Boulder Dash @ Lake Compounce
7 Rating Posted by: BobFunland on 7/25/2005 4:16:00 PM
Its good, very good. That can sum it up, but you dont honestly expect me to stop there, do you? First off, Boulder Dash (along with an hour of nighttime ERT) is the main reason I went to The Lake. I really had no intentions of going there this summer, but when I saw there Boooulder Dash event or whatever it was called was switched to the summertime, I decided this may be my only opprotunity to attend such an event.The ride is incredible, and is good from the front, the middle and the back. Somehow, I only managed seven rides, but thats because I only rode once during regular operating hours and left the ERT about 35 mins early. The setting is amazing, and the sensation of flying through the woods at such excessive speeds is breathtaking. The lift is fairly short, but the dip and then the plunge is spectacular. Down you go screaming well above the posted top speed of 60mph, down the mountain and through the woods.Next comes the REAL fun part. The hills provide some unbelievable airtime, with little pops here and there along with some major bursts which probably send the force-testing devices off the charts. The coaster does not let up, and travels the hills with unimaginable pacing, equaling if not beating that of some of the worlds best beasts. When turning around, there are some tremendous lateral forces as well.
Without someone sitting in the right seat, your body may be propelled enough to hit the other side. The comeback is hill after hill that comprise an airtime gala, enough to spit on the shoes of some hypercoasters.Boulder Dash just seems to get quicker, and at night, the speeds are astonishing. Of my seven rides, four were among the middle seats, one was in the front row during the daylight, and two more were on the back bench -- and none of them were bad! The fron had some awesome views and sensations, while every seat had stunning air. The scenery was awesome too, from the rock formations that made for some crafty footers, to the dense foliage, the rugged terrain and, of course, THE lake.One of the best things about the ride was the way the park ran it. They were very efficient in the station and rarely was the line more than 15-20 mins on a hot July day. During the ERT, they were kind to us enthusiasts and offered to place our lapbars for us. "oh no" I thought, "they will probably pin us to prevent something like the SRM incident". Fortunately, the opposite was true, and they gave use quite a bit of breathing room and that made for an even more catapulting ride.Overall, The Mountain Coaster will settle highly into my top 10, and among my top 3 woodies. The only reason I placed it higher than Phoenix is because Im a sucker for terrain and night rides. In fact, I am waiting to ride Thunderhead at night to give it a fair chance, because BD may dethrone it and become my #1 ride overall, but well just have to wait until November to see for sure
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